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How to clean the blinds on the outside?

How to clean the blinds from the outside?

How to clean the blinds from the outside?

There are homework who are more grateful than others. And then there are those abhorrent labors that we always leave for next month and never comes the time to face them.

Cleaning the blinds is one of them, because it demands a great effort Y a considerable time. Therefore, it is important to know all the homemade tricks that can streamline this task.

How to properly clean a blind?

It is not the same to clean the blind from the outside than from the inside, especially if we do not have access to the blind from the outside. In addition, you have to take into account what material is our blind made of: wood, PVC, plastic, aluminum … The nature of each blind claim a different type of product.

On the other hand, the color will also be decisive when cleaning since the target, which is one of the most typical colors in this element, it is a little more difficult.

A little bit of neutral soap and clean water We can polish our blinds regardless of their material. However, when the dirt is very stuck, they can be used more specific products (other than abrasive) or get us a steamer.

Clean the blind from the outside

When we have access to the outside of the blind, cleaning is much easier: we partially lower the blind so that the slats are open and we have access to the typical slots, where accumulates the dirt.

Next, we will take a soft bristle brush Y we will clean well from top to bottom to get rid of dirt. After brushing the blind, we must aspire it Both inside and out.

Now dust free we wipe a cloth with water and neutral soap, from left to right and top to bottom. When it is well cleaned, it is important dry it using a cotton cloth and you have to leave it unrolled for later clean inside.

If we do not have access to the outside of the blinds, the traditional solution is open the upper drawer where the blind is rolled up.

We will have to take a ladder and with a bucket full of soap and water, clean the visible part of the roller shutterto. Next, we unroll the blind a little until we no longer see the part that we have cleaned Y we remove the dirt of the next round. We repeat the procedure until We have completely cleaned the blind.

Ingenious tricks

There are those who have drawn their imagination to cleaning the outside of the blinds without having to open the top box. In the following video they show how to use a custom mop with a large cloth secured with tweezers. This invention is marketed online, where it is having a great reception.

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