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How to clean your glasses correctly and step by step so that they do not get ruined

Clean the glasses it is essential to maintain good visual health. However, there are those who do it incorrectly, while there are others who do not bother to clean them. That is why it is important that you know the reasons to keep your glasses neat.

In accordance with Better with Health, the glasses carry germs if they are not cleaned properly keep it going. It is common that, when we see blurred or notice a stain, we take a handkerchief or clean them using the garment that we are using.

To prevent this from happening, it is important that you know how to clean the glasses correctly, not only the lenses, it is also necessary to decontaminate the frame and the bars.

As well as the windows, it is also necessary to clean the frame and the rods to avoid accumulation of germs. Photo: Pexels

How to clean the windows

Before you start cleaning the glasses, you owe himsave your hands very well with water and soap. This is necessary so that you do not transmit germs to the crystals.

In fact, if you do it daily you will run less risk of having eye problems. What’s more, the time you will spend cleaning them is 1 minute. Make sure to use a cloth that won’t scratch or stain them.

On the other hand, try to use a special liquid for glasses. This comes in a spray and you can usually find it at any store. Use warm water so that any particles that could scratch the glass can be removed.

Then dry with the cloth. This should be made of microfiber. Dampen the lenses with the liquid for glasses and dry well.

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Clean the frame

We tend to think that it is only necessary to clean the windows. But it is also important to pay attention to the hygiene of the frame.

Unlike glass, the frame can be cleaned at least once a week. In the frame you should pay close attention to the smallest parts, such as the screws and hinges.

If you don’t pay attention to the hygiene of the frame, germs that accumulate there may cause skin and eye problems.

Dip the frame in warm water. Rub with your hands using a kitchen detergent but not creamy. Then rinse again with warm water.

Dry using a damp towel with alcohol and rub over the nose pads and the legs of the glasses that come into contact with the ears.

What to avoid

Avoid using cleaning cloths, such as towels or flannel cloths. Remember to use a microfiber cloth. These usually come with the glasses.

Don’t use cleaning products, like acetone. It is preferable to use kitchen detergent if you do not have the special liquid, and do it with caution.

On the other hand, never, ever use your breath or saliva to clean the crystals. What you are doing is spreading them with germs. In addition, you will cause spots, and this will make you not see well.

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