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How to clear the history of your WiFi router

It may be that the network is not working as well as it should, that we notice that the entire connection slows down or that even when connected we do not have Internet, because in these cases and others, deleting the history of the router could be a good solution. If you don’t know how it’s done, read on.

There are situations with our router that can make everything go much worse and our experience considerably worse.

That is why it is always good to have tools or know solutions to the problems that such an extremely important device such as our router can cause.

There may be situations in which the connection is clearly slower than normal, that we do not have the same ease when it comes to operating on the network, that everything is slow at times or that there is even a point where, having a connection and with the router without any apparent failure, no Internet.

Well, maybe deleting the history of the router will solve everything, a task that not many users know how to do and not because it is complicated, but because it is something that is not very normal to do.

But today we are going to see how it is done and we will see that, between how easy it is and the results it offers us, more than once and in more than one situation, it is worth doing this task, since we will solve several problems.

What is a router?

Before getting into the matter, it is best that we know what a router is and thus we will understand the rest of what we are going to explain later.

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When we talk about a router we refer to a device that is dedicated to administration, guidance and direction of network data through packets containing various types of data.

The router is the one that is in charge of reaching the different devices and giving them a connection, which it receives from the modem that is built into the system and without which there would be no Internet connection.

That’s why there are many router that are also modemsince it is the fastest and since it has several output ports, in addition to WiFi, the connection is much more efficient and easy to achieve.

Something that a router also allows is the exchange of data packets between the computers that are in that network. All teams can be intertwined through this deviceso the binding will be multiple and throughout the same internet connection will arrive.

The main function of the router is interconnect a set of IP hosts and establish the route that will be destined to each of the data packets within that computer network made up of different devices.

We have several types of routers:

  • SOHO (Small Office, Home Office): are those that allow access through a private network.
  • Traditional Router: those that are connected by wiring. The devices connect to these types of routers using Ethernet cables or USB connectors
  • Wifi: are the most widespread. They have antennas through which they send the data in radio signals, although they can also work via cable.
  • usb-router: those that connect to computers that do not have a network card, to connect via Ethernet cable.
  • Ad-hoc router: This type of router connects to a computer that already has a connection and allows you to share it wirelessly with other computers that are nearby.
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enter the router

Once we know what it is and how it works, it is time to enter the router and then delete the history.

Many routers use the same default address which is, but some may use other addresses. The normal thing is to find the address on the router itself, on a sticker on the bottom.

If you can’t find the router address you can always do the following:

  • Go to Command Prompt typing that in the start menu and when it appears on the screen click on it.
  • Now we write ipconfig and press Enter.
  • So a lot of information will appearof which we only have to look at the Default Gatewaywhere you will see a number very similar to the one we have seen before.

Once we know what our IP address to enter the routerwe go to any browser and put these numbers at the top, right where we write the web pages.

Once written, press Enter and we will see how we get an area where we can put the router login credentials.

These are usually combinations that are shared between the different types of modem such as:

  • admin/admin
  • 1234/1234
  • admin/1234
  • 1234/admin
  • password
  • admin/password
  • root/root
  • superuser/superuser

If none of these works, we should contact the company that has put the router in for us and ask which one it is.

When we know it, it is only put it and we will enter the router menu.

Clear router history

The first thing you should know is that each modem is different, so the names of the zones may not be exactly the same, but they should be similar.

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You can use the router’s instruction book to know what each zone is in case you are not familiar with this type of device.

Once we know this we must perform the following steps:

  • We search and click Advanced settings.
  • Now we look for the option System and it is the one we should select.
  • Next, we must find and press system log either Records.
  • At that point we should see the option Erase everything either delete alldepending on the brand of your router.
  • Once Let’s click on deletewe must accept the process, although in other cases it will delete it without this confirmation.

It is that simple to delete the history of our router, so the complication is not going to be a problem.

In this way we will be able to solve various failures that the router could have due to the accumulation of data and that would make the connection not work as it should, without letting us enjoy everything that our Internet connection offers.

If you have tried this system, we would like to know how it went and what results you have obtained, and for that we have our social networks, which are there for you to tell us this or other kinds of things that you want us to know.

Do not hesitate for a moment to wear what you want, since we want to know about you and your opinions.

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