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How to convert YouTube videos to MP3

YouTube is the largest network in the world when it comes to videos, where all the music artists we can imagine with their best songs are present. This has led to the proliferation of places with which we can transfer these videos to MP3 format.

exist multiple options to get YouTube videos to end up as MP3 files in which the important thing is only the music.

If you think that we are talking about complicated processes, nothing is further from the truth, since the simplicity and speed to generate these files is the maxim of all the places prepared for it.

Also, all the tools used to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files they work the same wayusing a single data to perform said transformation.

Let’s see some of the best tools out there to be able to get the MP3 of our favorite videos from the network owned by Google.

YouTube video to MP3 tools:

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This is a website where we can convert any YouTube video to an MP3 file for free and thus be able to enjoy it on a smartphone or on a device prepared for our music.

Go-Mp3 is a converter compatible with all browsers and is characterized by being fast, no registration needed to carry out the task, we do not have any type of limit when it comes to converting the files and all this is offered to us without having advertising in its interface.

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The way to do it is very simple, just we put the URL of the video in the area enabled for it and press the magnifying glass. Then a selector will open where we will be the ones to decide which file to download by clicking on Download MP3 file.

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2conv YouTube to MP3 Converter

Although this is a tool to install with a paid version, the truth is that within their website they have a Free and very effective YouTube video converter.

It works in the same way that we have seen in the previous case, entering the URL of the video to later download within the options that are presented to us.

2conv YouTube to MP3 Converter is very Quickreliable and in a few seconds we will have at our disposal the MP3 file that we need.

As in the previous cases, the way to get the MP3 files of those music videos that we like the most on YouTube is to put the url of the video and later download the file to our internal storage.

It’s fast, we have no limitations of any kind, it’s safe, we can use services of cloud like Dropbox or Drive for downloads and is compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux, Android or iOS.

With we will be able to have not only MP3 files, but also offers MP4, 3GP, Webm or m4a and all this Whithout ads.

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Other online tool Whithout adsfree, with highly satisfactory results, without any limitation when converting or downloading and also fast in its conversions.

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The similarity of Clickmp3 with the rest of the converters when it comes to offering us the MP3 files to make the music that we like the most this on the devices we normally use to hear it, it’s really loud.

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This tool not only allows us to download the videos from the platform owned by Google in the most widely used audio format in the world, but we can also download the own videos and even take out the ones that are hung on Facebook.

Download.Media is a highly recommended website, both for power download MP3 or MP4as for not needing to register to work with it, in addition to being fast in its operation.

We will not have any type of problem to carry out the downloads, since we are talking about the same system as the rest of the previous examples.

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The best thing about this website to convert YouTube videos to MP3 is that it doesn’t just stop there and can convert into other formats such as M4A, WAV, AAC, OGG, WMA or FLAC, as far as audio is concerned and in AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV, KMV, M4V, WEBM, FLV or 3GP if we talk about videos.

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It is extremely versatile and also does not need any type of registration to be able to work with it, only we put the URL and then we can choose the type of file we want to save.

Although its interface does not let us see it, since it is one of the simplest that we are going to see today, Y2mate has a lot of power, it transforms fast, safe and very reliableso it is a great option.


The last option that we leave you today is YTMP3, a simple tool in which we can download the videos of YouTube in MP3 and MP4. Both options are done very quickly and without any problems or cuts in the resulting files.

The interface is very simple and the operation is similar to the rest of the examples that we have left you in this article, sharing with all of them the fact that you do not have to register and that it is completely free.

Thanks to all these online tools, you won’t have any problem extracting the MP3 files from your favorite music videos so you can take them on any device you normally use to listen to music.

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