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How to cook with leftover pickle juice – recipe | Food

PIickle juice (especially when fermented with lacto) is the perfect solution for brining ham, chicken, or chops. The salt and aromatic content are just right to create the ideal conditions for an explosion of umami flavor, while at the same time tenderizing the meat.

Today’s recipe was inspired by Joel gamoran, a U.S.-based zero-waste chef colleague who runs a cooking school called home. I called Joel to find out a bit more about his recipe, and he was quick to tell me that sautéing pork chops is just one of the many wonderful things you can do with pickle juice: “It’s also great for stir-frying chicken, and makes the best cocktails, dressings and aiolis ”. He also suggests adding a splash to soups: “It brings them to life.”

Speaking of cocktails, to make a pickle shot, simply mix 25 ml of pickle juice and bourbon; Or, for a pickle martini, shake three parts vodka and one part pickle juice over ice, then strain and serve with a pickle slice on the side.

Pickled pork chops

Pickle juice is packed with flavor and salt, which is exactly what it takes to make the tastiest pork chop out there. Ideally, you would use enough pickle juice completely to submerge the chops, but even a small amount of brine will work wonders, imparting its salty, aromatic delight to the meat, although you will need to flip the chops so they will brine evenly.

Pork rind is often removed from chops and other cuts of pork, so try to find a good butcher who will leave it intact as a matter of course, because without it there is no creaking, which would be a real shame. Choose thick free-range cutlets with a good layer of fat (remember that fat is where much of the flavor is) and cut the crust and fat at 2cm intervals so that the cutlet does not roll up in the hot pan.

Once you’ve finished cooking, strain the fat that comes off the chop and save it for grilling and frying other foods. It will keep in the fridge for at least a week or in the freezer indefinitely. Otherwise, pour into a used jar to cool and set before putting in the trash can.

1 pork chop per person
1 jar of pickle juice

Place the chops in a tight-fitting tub, pour over the reserved pickle juice you have on hand, put in the refrigerator and let it marinate for at least three hours, and preferably overnight; If the meat is not completely submerged, turn them occasionally to make sure they are well brined.

When you’re ready to cook, lift the chops from their brine, pat dry with a clean towel, and cook the chops using your preferred method; I like to start them in a heavy base skillet, sautéing them over medium heat on one side for five minutes, until they start to caramelize, then flipping and topping them off with a few minutes on the hot grill. (If the cutlets have their skins, flip them over with tongs or a fork and hold the skins against the frying pan for a few minutes, until crisp, but be careful to spit out grease.) condiments.

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