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How to create impressive photographs from your mobile thanks to overexposure

The vast majority of occasions in which overexposure appears in our photos, we immediately discard them, since they do not come out well. But there are ways in which these types of snapshots can be creative.

When we launch a photograph with overexposure, in practically all situations we tend to erase it without giving it a minimum opportunity. It is true that this type of photo usually results in the loss of detail and images that have a much better quality.

Well, there are ways in which these types of snapshots can be creative, beautiful and very charming to see. It is clear that we must know how to achieve it and that it requires practice, but it is not impossible.

It may be more complicated than other types of photography and it may take longer to take snapshots of this type with ease, but the truth is that when we achieved it, their spectacular and original nature made it all worthwhile.

We are going to see how we can take this type of photography and make it creative with six forms of overexposure.

What is overexposure?

It’s very easy to understand. the moment a photo is overexposed, it means that too much light is let in to the snapshot.

This can happen because an excessively slow shutter speed has been used, for example. It may also be that the ISO of the device has been increased too much, which will result in overexposure appearing in the photograph.

The good thing about using a camera is that we can know that the image is overexposed because the light meter does not indicate that it is above 0.

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Although overexposure is something that the vast majority of people who take a photograph avoid, the truth is that in certain situations and in certain ways, we can get them to be creative and look great.

It’s usually something that photographers avoid, but you can actually use dodge in a creative way. Let’s see some options that we have so that we like to have the high light meter.

Astronaut Michael Collins, author of the photo, died on April 28, at the age of 90. He was on the Moon in the legendary Apollo 11 mission.


We agree that the snow when making a trip is something that swimmers want to find, but once we are at our destination, it cannot be denied that it is a very beautiful sight.

At the moment when we want to take a picture of a area where snow has fallenthe overexposure will be extremely useful to give a more spectacular touch to the photos.

Surely it has happened to you that, when taking a photo of the snow, the result has given a rather gray color than the white typical of this type of landscape. Well, if we get that photo is slightly overexposedthanks to the speed, to the ISO or opening the light meter to 0 and even something else, we can have some very nice snapshots.

If there is a lot of clarity, we may not need anything and the photo already acquires a certain touch of very natural overexposed. If the light is not spectacular, we must play with the ISO and put a slower shutter speed.

black and white

Another feature where we can best take advantage of overexposure is in certain black and white photographs.

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Overexposing this type of photo can result in photographs with a lot of body and with a force that stands out nothing more than you look at it for the first time.

we can even use the shine to give it an even more persistent touch, allowing it to look more lucid and forceful.

sunny days

On those days when the sun is the main protagonist, we can also use the power with which it emits and thus achieve impressive photographs where overexposure can be in the foreground, giving a really nice blur.

We can also use this type of daylight to wrap a silhouette inside an overexposed area and have a snapshot with a really spectacular beam of light.

To emphasize the light that our star gives us, we must be looking towards it and let the light enter fully through the lens, allowing us to create a blur effectwhich softens the snapshot more and allows it to be seen as a much more creative and softened photo.

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If you live in an urban area, you can use dodge on your street shots if you want to create something a little out of the ordinary.

In the case of cities, overexposure can serve so that we have a higher contrastespecially in the sky, causing even some clouds appear less solid and become part of heaven.

This street photography will become atmospheres where the colorful and melancholy structure,

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white buildings

It may happen that sometimes, when we take photos of white buildings, the camera or the mobile, misinterpret information that capable and decompensate the image, acquiring an overexposure and brightness totally out of place.

This type of error can be fixed by making the dodge raise manuallywithout going overboard, so that the whites come out whiter and the building looks much better, giving the leftovers their rightful place and making the result just what we expected.


Something that has become very popular in recent years is minimalism and in photography it was not going to be less.

There are more and more photos that focus their objectives on minimize to the maximum what is exposed in the photograph, making them simple but defining images.

Let’s say this is adopting a style of minimalist photography. In that case, overexposing the images can help create more contrast between the background and the main subject of the imagein addition to more simplicity for understanding the photo.

The sky, a snowy slope or a beach full of waves can be places where a bird that flies by, a person or simply the immensity of the horizon, mix with the overexposure, generating an image with different parameters, but at the same time extremely minimalist. .

With all these examples that you have seen, it is clear that overexposed photos can increase the value of the snapshot, as long as it was planned, knowing what are some of the best situations to achieve it.

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