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How to customize Windows 11 installation (OOBE)

One feature of Windows 11 that is really cool and has a lot of potential is what is called OOBE (Out of Box Experience).

So that you understand what it is, we are talking about a set of scripts that carry out certain configuration tasks for both the hardware and the software of our computer.

To make it even clearer for you, the OOBE process is the first part in which we configure any version of the Redmond operating system.

It’s not that the OOBE of Windows 11 is radically different from that of Windows 10, but it does differ in its appearance, with colors, layouts and style that are brighter, smoother and, above all, with a greater feeling of high finish. .

However, apart from the design, there are some new features in Windows 11 OOBE and even some restrictions.

We must make it clear that depending on the updates and versions that we have of Windows, the OOBE may vary slightly, so it may be that not everything you are going to see below is exact, but it is extremely similar, although there can always be a last minute addition.

Anyway, let’s see what we can expect from the Windows 11 Out of Box Experience.

We start with region, keyboard and connectivity

The appearance you see is new, although always within what Microsoft designs.

Windows 11 starts exactly the same as Windows 10 did, asking for configuration settings. region and keyboard.

In this sense, what the operating system is has not changed much and we do the same thing again, but with a different interface.

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Then it look for updates and this is where we again notice that the design is a step forward, it feels more modern, more beautiful and more elegant.

It is the moment in which it asks us to connect to the Internet before being able to continue. This change in the design of this part is relatively recent, so it may not appear in all versions of Windows 11. This step can be skipped, but it is not something that is recommended to be honest.

the name of the computer

Now Windows asks us to give it a name to our PC, something that we have already seen before, so we are not talking about anything new. As has happened in previous versions, at the moment in which we give a name the system restarts.

Don’t worry about this fact, you won’t have to do everything again, OOBE will continue from where it left off before restarting. Anyway, this part can also be omittedso if you don’t want to name it now that’s fine, you can do it later.

After the reboot occurs is the time when differentiate the different versions that exist of Windows 11, that is, if what we are going to install is the Home version or one of those dedicated to work.

This also happened in Windows 10, so it is not new either.

Microsoft account, PIN, or recovery options

This is where we can really start to notice the differences between the Windows 11 OOBE and the Windows 10 OOBE.

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If we already have a Microsoft account (most likely) we can log in at this point and continue with the configuration.

If you want to create a new account you will be able to do it, as long as you have a connection as normal. It may be that you did not have it previously or that you want to change it.

we can click Login Options to see if you’re on a version that allows you to easily create an offline account, in case we skipped the Wi-Fi sync step.

If we use an online account, we will be asked to let’s generate a PIN just like with Windows 10. If you’re using an offline account, you’ll need to skip this step.

Anyway, if you want skip this step for whatever reason, you can do it by pressing Cancel on the screen where the PIN originates.

Another important difference from Windows 10 is the option to recover previous system installations using OneDrive. If we have any recovery files available, Windows 11 will present us with that option. If we did not have any, this button will not appear.

Privacy, personalization and copy

Now is when we can configure several privacy optionspractically the same as in Windows 10. We will be able to manage location tracking, sending diagnostic data to Microsoft or enabling personalized ads, among other things.

Depending on what we are choosing, it may be that the configuration ends at this time or that we have to configure some other added options and additional configurations.

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By the time they arrive customization options we will be allowed to select some general categories, being Microsoft who then recommends apps and experiences to us.

The categories we are talking about are Entertainment, Games, School, Creativity, Business and Family. As we enable these options, we will have other extras at our disposal so that the configuration of each category is as polished as possible.

Next, and as was the case in previous versions such as Windows 10, the configuration will allow us to create a backup your files with OneDrivebeing able to skip this step if we do not want or do not have enough space in the cloud for this task, something that can be done later as well.

Finally, Windows will let us install the Office applications from Microsoft 365. As usual, this is an optional step.

It allows us to add a subscription that we have or obtain one, to be able to enjoy Microsoft office software. If we still continue without wanting it, just click on “No, Thanks” to continue and thus end the OOBE.

As you can see, we are talking about an OOBE very similar to that of Windows 10, with some additions, but with the substantial difference of having a much better interface, clearer, with more options and much more modern.

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