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How to deal with the lack of female sexual desire?

Our partner’s sexual desire is reduced or irregular can be frustrating for those who have a more stable libido. As indicated Take care Plus, libido is one of the aspects of sexuality that suffers the most over time, mainly in women.

There are some tips that can be applied to deal with a decreased libido in a way that does not hinder the relationship, recommendations that we will detail briefly.

Work sexual communication

The woman must be able to tell her partner, be it a man or another woman, what things do you like and what not, which not only applies to the sexual side of the relationship, but to the interpersonal bond that unites it with another person.

Feelings of frustration, misunderstanding or not feeling loved by the other can decrease sexual desire of both men and women, and would also degrade sex as a priority in view of the issues that may arise.

Establish agreements

In the scenario where there are communication problems in the couple, one of the most important steps is to reach agreements that are useful and satisfactory to both parties involved, this as a first step to rebuild and strengthen the bond.

One of these agreements could indicate or suggest a certain number of sexual relationships that is comfortable for both parties and that is possible to achieve in a specific period.

Propose alternatives to vaginal penetration

The rigid model of sexuality has vaginal penetration on a very high pedestal, but the truth is that it is not the only way to enjoy sexuality with our partner.

Caresses, mutual masturbation and erotic video calls There are other ways that allow us to explore the sexual side of our relationship, and that also encourage our creativity when enjoying the person.

Creativity is important to keep the flame of sexuality alive in the couple. Source: Shutterstock

Exploring the sexual fantasies of the other

Stimulating and recreating sexual fantasies as much as possible is a good step to mobilize the sexual desire of both women and men. With them, it is possible to explore aspects of our sexuality unknown to us, which can be enriching.

However, engaging solely in fulfilling sexual fantasies can be detrimental to the relationship, so it is advisable not to recreate them too often.

Consuming erotic material

Watching erotic movies as a couple is a good way to fan the flame, and it can also offer new ideas that can be implemented in privacy. The same applies to erotic literature, which has recently enjoyed some popularity.

If we know the causes that promote the reduction of sexual desire, it will be easier for us to reach agreements and actions that allow the increase of libido and a better development of sexual component of the relationship.

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