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How to decorate your home inspired by Netflix series

Still from the series 'Valeria'.

Still from the series ‘Valeria’.

You just got home from a long day at work. You put on your favorite drink, a good blanket to protect yourself from the already cool autumn and with the remote in hand you start to go through the covers of the series on Netflix. You don’t know where to start, but once you have chosen the one recommended by several people, you close your eyes and imagine yourself touring New York, having a coffee in Paris or living in those dream houses that only appear in the movies.

If you feel identified or identified with this scene and you are also passionate about decor, Lucia Garcia, an expert in decoration, proposes a selection of the most current series on Netflix with the best decorations to inspire you and make you feel that your home has left the small screen.

Valeria: styles that adapt 100% to the personality of its protagonists

A series full of incredible scenery, where vintage meets modern. If you want to live like in one of the Spanish series with the greatest pull of the moment, aim and do not miss any detail.

If your floor already came with hydraulic floors, plaster on the ceilings and old wallpapers, take advantage of them and make the mojo-vintage style splurge in every corner! Get inspired by the house of the protagonist, Valeria, with a retro decoration of old furniture restored and painted in very striking and youthful colors. Or in that of her friend Lola, who maintains a more current and industrial line with exposed brick walls and metal beams where neon and colored lights are not lacking. This is the ultimate touch to feel like you are on the show!

Annie with an E: a cute story with unique settings

Inspired by the adventures of the beloved Annie Shirley and based on the hit novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, It unfolds within a country and harmonious environment in the purest farm house style.

It is rustic style where wood is the main protagonist, it exudes great warmth and simplicity. Use classic aged wood furniture such as cabinets, display cabinets or large tables decorated with bouquets of wild flowers, candles or lanterns that evoke a more delicate and romantic decoration.

The Bridgertons: The most inspiring series of 19th century British high society

A series where not only the plot or the characters are captivating, but the decoration of each space does not pass indifferent. It stands out for its spectacular locations and palaces decorated with extreme excellence.

If you want to give an elegant touch to your home, this is your series, where a new style is unveiled, the “regencycore“Inspired by the old and baroque English style. The floral prints take center stage and the golden touches in frames, chandeliers and vases mark this trend as classic as you can see in the Bridgerton mansion. Do not forget to dress your living room with velvet and your walls with moldings. A true apology to the most classic opulence in decoration!

Emily in Paris: a series full of clichés, also in decoration

Modernity and modernity mix with the classic Parisian city to tell the story of Emily, an American girl who must travel to Paris for work.

Both the protagonist and her surroundings have become pure references of the styles, more chic and innovative without leaving aside the classics. This style, better known as “frenchcandinavo“, is recognized for the mixture of Nordic design, always more functional, together with the classic and elegant French style. The large windows characteristic of Parisian buildings coexist perfectly with minimalist and unique pieces as can be seen in the office where it is developed much of history. Abstract paintings, gilded pieces, elegant walls with moldings dressed with mirrors and paintings. Natural light flows everywhere thanks to the predominant white color as a whole, at the same time that the wooden furniture converges and the curtains of light and fluid fabrics.

Elite: The millionaires series with decorative elements for all budgets

This icon series of the most avant-garde design stands out for its spacious and spectacular spaces. But you don’t have to have a dream home with stunning gardens and infinity pools like the ones featured in the series.

Give a touch of design to your favorite room by rescuing from your attic or from a market a unique piece of art or sculpture and integrating it into a most diaphanous environment as you can see in Polo’s house, specifically in his living room. Besides minimalist, colonial, nordic styles, you can enjoy many eclectic inspired ideas in the mansion where Rebeca and her mother live.

As you can see, getting inspired to redecorate your home is easier than you think, just enjoy your “momento Netflix“to catch a thousand and one ideas.

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