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How to download videos from the Internet without installing programs and from any web browser

The possibility of being able to have a video without having to be connected to the Internet can be important for many users. There are many services that host videos and with this tutorial you will learn how to download videos from any service without installing programs, regardless of the browser you use.

Today, Internet connections have speeds that make streaming 8K and HDR content possible and it is something that was unthinkable years ago. The possibility of download free videos from anywhere since they can be seen in real time from the Internet, but it is something that can be good on some occasions.

However, there are still many other reasons why you may need to download an online video to your computer. Because it expires, you need to edit it, recover it, show it to another person, include it in a memory… There can be a thousand reasons.

If that’s the case for you, you’ll be glad to know that you no longer need to install any programs or extensions on your browser to download videos from any page or video streaming service, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc.

Websites to download videos:


To get it you just have to copy the URL address of the page where you found the video you want to download and access VideoCyborg from your website.

As you will see, the way to download the video is extremely simple:

  • once here, paste the address you copied into the VideoCyborg bar and press the key Enter.
  • After a brief analysis of the URL you have pasted, VideoCyborg will display a progress bar indicating that it is processing the video content.
  • When this process is complete, VideoCyborg will download directly to your computer or device. So simple and comfortable!

This system allows download videos from any site regardless of whether they are hosted on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or our own servers. The only inconvenience that it may present is that it does not detect some videos embedded through javascript, since these videos do not provide an accessible URL for the download system. For everything else, there is no video that can resist it!

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The only downside to this option is that it’s free for a 7 day trial periodthen you will have to pay 4 euros a year to use not only this video service, but all the services it has, which are many and very interesting.

Mobile with YouTube

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It is an extremely complete website in which we can download videos from many different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and a good number more.

The way it works is extremely simple.

  • We’ll just have to paste the url where the video we want to download is in the space provided for it.
  • Then we click on the button Download.
  • Now the cover of the video that we want to download will appear, to, just below, see the two options that it leaves us to transform as they are MP4 and MP3.
  • In our case we give in MP4 and it automatically downloads it to our internal storage.
  • Even though if we go even lower we can be more specificsince we will see different ways and qualities to have that same file.


This is another website similar to the one we just saw, with a also similar operation. And best of all, we are talking about a page that is not going to charge us anything to carry out this task.

We can have videos from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion among others in our storage. In addition, it will also allow us a wide variety of formats results to download those videos as MP4, MP3, 3GP or FLV among others.

  • The first thing we have to do is write the video url in the place intended for it, just where it says URL of the video you want to download.
  • Now is the moment in which we must click on Begin.
  • After a few seconds we will be able to choose between the options that it will present to us to have the video on our hard drive.
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Some of the websites that are compatible with BitDownloader are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Coub or Vimeo, among others.

The best thing about this website is speed with which it manages to identify the video and give us the options we have for downloading.

  • The first thing is to put the video url that we want to download in the area that we see explicitly dedicated to it.
  • Then we will see several options in two different columnsone dedicated to downloading video with audio (Audio-Video Files) and another to download the same video, but without the sound part of it (DASH Files).
  • We just have to click on Download in that option that is the one that best suits our needs, so that at that moment the resulting video is downloaded, in the format that we have requested in our internal storage.

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If you have found a video that interests you on YouTube, you can download it easily and without having to install any extension or install any program on your computer and thus be able to watch it later offline. You can do it with many of the websites that we have previously shown or use a new option.

For download online video you only need to modify the original URL of the video to redirect it to the service that will download it to your computer.

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Go to and copy the URL of the video. You can do it from browser bar or via the Share key that the platform offers.

When you have done it, go to Clip Cconverter, a page focused on downloading content.

  • At that time you must copy the URL in the designated area so that you can write.
  • Before reaching the unloading area, it is possible to indicate in what resolution and format you want the video to be downloaded. Sometimes it takes a while, but it is very simple and easy to use, since we only have to mark it and then click on Continue.
  • Then you will see how we can download it to our storage to be able to see it whenever you want without depending on the Internet connection, or on any platform.

These are some of the best options that are on the web right now to get the videos that are on different platforms to be able to have them on the computer, without having to install any type of extension or application in addition to being able to do it from the browser that we want .

Whatever you try, you can tell us about your experience through our social networks.

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