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How to eliminate negative energies that other people send you

In my college years I suffered from bullying. This was my first contact with the “bad vibes” of other people. Later, in my adulthood, I also faced challenging situations in the work environment.

Life is made up of challenging situations since each and every one of us has a free will (in my opinion, this, after being able to live one more day of life every time I open my eyes, is the most wonderful gift that God gave us to co-create with Him our experiences in this world).

And precisely because of that free will, each being has the power to decide how to act, how to speak, how to feel and how to behave with others.

The good news, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, because many things happen in the world every day, is that there are more good human beings than those who are not.

Even so, sometimes people have to face experiences with others that are not the most pleasant because they are born from low vibration feelings – that’s what the little angels call them – such as envy, jealousy, desire for revenge, rage and others.

With this I do not want you to get scared or depressed. On the contrary, my goal is to share with you some ‘techniques’ that will help you eliminate negative feelings or energies that the actions or behaviors of other people may have left in you, and I can assure you that they are very effective!

Here are nine techniques or “strategies” that will help you cut those bonds of negative vibrations that other people have sent you.

  1. Send blessings. I know it can be difficult to send blessings to someone you know or feel is hurting you, but trust me, it is super effective. At the beginning you may feel resistance and it is normal, but if you keep doing it constantly, it will end up flowing and God will take care of either removing the person from your life or that they change their attitude towards you.
  2. Clean your electromagnetic field and your spaces. What is commonly known as an aura can get “dirty” from the bad vibes around you. For this reason, it is important to ‘clean’ it and for this you can visualize white light that comes down from the sky and bathes you, taking all the “impurities” to the center of the earth, or using elements of nature such as rosewood and sage. You can do the same to clean the physical spaces of your home or workplace.
  3. Pray every day. The closer you are to God, the more protection you will have and therefore the more difficult it will be for negative energies to break that protective shield around you.
  4. Read Psalm 91. This is the psalm of protection of the angels. Read it daily and if you can, memorize it.
  5. Ask the Archangel Michael for his company and protection. Michael is the archangel protector and who drives away enemies, so ask God to send him along with you to protect you from any bad influences that are around you.
  6. Repent of your faults. Although it seems that this has nothing to do with protecting yourself from the ‘bad vibes’, trust me there is a connection. If your heart is clean and does not hold negative feelings, the less ‘attractive’ you will be to negative energies. Repent from the heart of your faults and the light that you radiate will protect you much more.
  7. If your religious and spiritual beliefs allow it, help for 7 days. You can do it in the way that is most convenient for you according to your health and other aspects, so before carrying it out, check everything very well so that it will not affect you in any way at the level of your health and well-being. Fasting can be for a few hours (if you do it by restricting your diet) or it can be, for example, not doing something you like like checking your social networks for a certain number of hours each day. The important thing is the intention of the heart and that you are offering it to God.
  8. Use anointing oil. As in the previous point, the anointing oil can be a protection tool if your beliefs accept it. This practice has been used since ancient times and consists of smearing home doors and windows with it to prevent negative energies from entering.
  9. Do not be afraid. Despite being the last point I mention, it is perhaps the most important. Fear empowers negative energies. Cling to God and his angels and feel their protection. Do not allow fear to take hold of you as it makes you a “magnet” or easy prey for negative energies. Faith is and will be your greatest protective shield.

* Ana Mercedes Rueda is a best-selling writer and channel of God’s messages through angels since her childhood. Acquire your books at The Connect with her on networks – @anamercedesrueda.

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