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How to enhance your gaze above the mask?

How to enhance your gaze above the mask?

How to enhance your gaze above the mask?

Seven months after the start of Covid pandemic, the surgical mask has established itself as a complement to our daily lives, just like the use of moisturizing cream, makeup or any other facial cosmetic for daily use. The difference is that, instead of enhancing beauty, it usually produces the opposite effect. And it is that this indispensable and obligatory complement nowadays, focuses the visual attention of others and steals the spotlight from the most expressive feature, the gaze.

Further, the mask highlights wrinkles and the rest of the defects that are around the eyes. The most direct way to highlight it is to give prominence to the eyebrows and lashes. Forgetting about makeup and achieving lasting results is possible, through a study and design of eyebrows – one of the facial features that have the greatest expressiveness – considering the particularity of each face. The shape of these is outlined using tweezers, hair by hair, and, as the expert states, “making a design that reflects the personality and tastes of each person”.

On the other hand, there is a way to show off perfect eyebrows by using semi-permanent makeup technique that is performed hair by hair. We refer to microblanding, a new system that allows you to modify the shape and color of the eyebrow, especially in bare eyebrows, with bald or gray hair, thus increasing its volume without losing its naturalness. “It is recommended for people who want to increase the density of their eyebrows in the most natural way possible,” explains Mónica Flores, an expert dermatologist at Clínicas Lásico Fusión.

Beautiful and well-groomed eyelashes can be the key to highlighting the expressiveness of a face covered by the mask. With a eyelash lift – which brings color and luminosity to the eye – you can significantly increase the intensity of the look. “It is the solution for those people whose eyelashes are too blonde, thin or scarce, since it will give them greater thickness. The eyes seem to always be made up and give a good-looking appearance at all times,” says the expert.

In addition to caring for and highlighting the eyelashes and eyebrows, it is vital to care about the eye contour and rejuvenate the skin. And it is that, the mask frames the periphery of the eyes and therefore highlights some defects such as dark circles and wrinkles. To soften these features or eliminate them completely, Alicia Flores, a dermatologist from the same center, proposes the following treatments:

Ocular pressure therapy. Specific for the eye contour, this anti-aging treatment focuses on combating and correcting imperfections such as bags, very marked dark circles and the loss of elasticity in the eyelids.

Virtual mesotherapy. Provides vitality to the skin from the deepest layers and through pure active ingredients in a non-invasive way and without side effects. A treatment that lightens the skin, evens the tone, reduces wrinkles and reduces the size of large pores.

Indiba facial. With the radiofrequency of the Indiba treatment, by means of radiofrequency waves, vasodilation is achieved, which favors oxygenation of the tissues and drainage, and the formation of new collagen. A system that firms the face, improves the facial oval and reduces the laxity of the tissues.

Bellaction facial. It is a “revolutionary” system that achieves facial rejuvenation, a drastic reduction of wrinkles, a “botox effect”, toning all the tissues of the face, neck and décolleté, reducing bags and improving the eye contour. .


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