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How to find and use Instagram filters, in addition to using them in WhatsApp

Instagram filters are one of the most popular parts of Instagram and that is why it is important to know how to search for them, use them and that they can be used in other applications such as WhatsApp.

To give a different touch, a new layer of style to our photos and videos, we can use Instagram. They employ a few techniques to incorporate these additions into stories and posts.

Many filters are already installed in the application itself, but others have to be searched for, since there are thousands of them available from new independent creators.

These filters will do nothing more than modify our stories or publications in an original way, so that they appear in another way with other styles, with another type of theme and that are also more fun, as well as complete.

As you will be able to see, it will not be so difficult to know where those filters are, what to do with them, how to search for new ones and try to use them in other programs such as WhatsApp.

This is not really the case, that is, it is not really a use, but a sample of what we do on Instagram, although we will talk about it later.

Now we are going to focus, initially, on how we can know where these filters are and how they are used, something fundamental before taking them to other types of apps.

Index of contents:

How do we find filters on Instagram?

As we were telling you, first we must be able to find Instagram filters and then dedicate ourselves to another type of, let’s put it that way, additions, very interesting, yes.

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That is why we must follow some steps that are really simple and for which you will not have a single problem.

  • As usual, the first thing we must do is open the Instagram application, and then open the camera function by touching the plus icon (+) at the top to add a new post or story.
  • Now we can slide our finger down the bottom row to see and try out all the variety of filters that we have.
  • If we want to search for specific filters, we swipe left until you see a magnifying glass icon.
  • We touch on this icon to be able to search for other types of other effects.
  • We will can select multiple categories such as people we follow, Reels, Selfies, Love, Moods, Fun, Hobbies, AR of the world or Games, among many others.
  • When we have selected a specific one, we will see a preview.
  • If we touch on Try out what we will do is know how it works before incorporating it into our Instagram.
  • If we liked it, we must press the down arrow icon and so the filter will be saved in our Instagram.
  • Once this is done, we can slide to the right on the icons at the bottom of the screen to find the new filter when opening the camera again.
  • If we want to download a filter from a specific creator, we can do it from its profile page.
  • We simply tap on the sparkly icon above your grid to find your filters on Instagram and download the one we want.

How do we use Instagram filters?

After taking a photo or uploading the one we want (even a video), we can edit them by applying the filters that we have added to give them other different styles.

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The good thing is that Instagram is going to suggest a series of filters to apply in that future publication or Story, although we can put the one we want, without problems.

We just have to do the following to be able to use any filters we have, including those that we have downloaded:

  • Once we have found the one we like we must touch itadjust the intensity of the filter using the slider or the system that we have at our disposal.
  • At that moment it will be applied and we will be able to publish it, get it out in our story or whatever we want.
  • we can also play Edit from the bottom right to tweak other aspects like brightness, contrast, warmth, and more.
  • When we’re done editing, we do click the arrow at the top right to share it with our followers.

Can we use it on WhatsApp?

You can use WhatsApp statuses as Telegram Stories, for example.

If we have posted a photo or video on the instagram storieswe must enter it, click on the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen to see several options launch. One of them will be Save photowhich we must press.

If what we have done is publish a photo or video, we also have to go to the area of ​​our publications, clicking on the photo of our profile, which appears in the lower left part of the screen, and then click on the photo or video to be.

Once on the screen we will see how there is three vertical dots in the upper right part, which we must press, to then do it in share on and then choose the storage of our own smartphone.

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Since we already have the photos or video (in both cases) in our storage, then we can continue.

We must do the following to put it in our state:

  • We open WhatsApp.
  • Let’s go to the States option.
  • Once inside, let’s press the camera button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • We select the photo or video at the bottom and we only have to press the green button to upload it as ours new state.

As you will understand, you can also send it in a chat to any of your contacts, as you normally send a photo or a video.

In this way, WhatsApp will also be a way to share those photos that we have taken with Instagram filters. In any case, being as a file in our storage, it can be used perfectly for other types of apps that you want, such as Telegram or even if we want to share it on Twitter.

As you have seen, taking advantage of filters to improve photos is really very simple and searching for them is another facet that we can do without any complications.

From there, sharing the results in apps like WhatsApp is extremely simple and we can even do it quite quickly.

Go ahead and try it, to tell us about your experience on our social networks. We are delighted to read your opinion.

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