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How to format Windows 11 step by step

we will explain how to format windows 11 step by step, so that you can leave everything as if you had just bought the computer. Formatting a hard drive is used to erase everything so you can start from scratch. However, if you just want to reset Windows to be able to leave it as if you just installed it, then the process is much simpler, and it is what we are going to tell you today.

Here, keep in mind that it is always important to save all the files that you want to keep before resetting Windows 11, because if you want to do the equivalent of a total format, these are going to be lost. So, it is essential that you keep a copy of your personal files or those that you don’t want to lose on an external hard drive, or simply make a backup of Windows just in case.

Reset Windows 11 from scratch


The first thing you have to do is enter in the windows settings. For this, you can have two alternatives. You may see its cogwheel button directly in the start menu if you have it turned on for display. And if not, just open the start menu and type Setting for the option to appear.

Windows Update

Once you enter the windows settings, on the left you will see a column with all the sections. In this column, click on the section Windows Update (one). This will take you to the options related to Windows update. In them, click on Advanced Options (2), which is the option that will appear at the bottom, almost at the end.

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Once you are inside the additional options, you have to click on the option Recoverywhich is where you will have everything related to system reboot and reset.


Once you are inside, you have to go down to the section of recovery options. Here, click on the button Reset the computer which will appear first.

Remove all

A window will open with the most important decision What should you take in this process? You can choose to reset only Windows settings while keeping your files, but if you want the closest thing to a clean format, you must choose the option Remove all to erase all data on the hard drive. Remember that in order not to lose them, you must have copied them to an external hard drive or another place before.

from the cloud

In the next step you will have to choose if you want to download the latest version of Windows from the cloud to install it or use the version you currently have installed. Downloading the latest version can have advantages if you do not have the updated system, although it will take longer. If you use a local reinstall, the copy of Windows will be searched for on your computer, and if it is not, it will be downloaded from the cloud anyway.


In the next step you will reach the step of Additional settingswhere you will be shown a summary with what you have chosen in the previous steps so you can review it. Here, click on Following if all is well, or Change settings to change something.

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Reset End

And you will reach the last screen. Here you just have to click on the *Reset button to start with the process. **When you do it there will be no going back, Windows will erase everything and start to format the system and reinstall it deleting all your data. Now, be patient, get away from the computer for a while and let it work, and when it’s done you’ll get to the initial setup of Windows 11.

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