Friday, November 27

How to foster a critical spirit in young people without making them opinionated on everything

  • Francisco Esteban Bara
  • The Conversation*


It was very expensive for Socrates to make certain people think.

The story goes that Socrates was known among his fellow citizens as “the gadfly of Athens.” It is also said that he was delighted with that nickname because it described him very well: his mission was to prod the staff through questions and explanations of those that annoy and, above all, wake up.

Of course, it was very expensive for the great Greek philosopher to make certain people think who, in truth, preferred to continue sleeping. This “gadfly” that does not stop must be given hemlock, they agreed.

But nevertheless, His critical spirit has resulted in one of the greatest revolutions in history.a.

That invitation to think with criteria – ask ourselves why things are like this and not otherwise, try to discover truths and dismantle falsehoods, and not stop saying, as he himself did, “I just know that I don’t know anything” -, it is unmatched.

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