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How to geolocate an IP address in 2022

Although not everyone knows it, with an IP address it is possible to get the location of a person. It is not easy, but if you follow our steps you can achieve it with just a few minutes of dedication

For those who don’t know, the IP it is a unique and unrepeatable number that identifies each device that connects to the network. Your PC, your mobile, your television and even the very web pages you visit every day have an email address. Iinternet Protocol (hence the acronym) assigned.

Although it is a number that can change every time you connect to the Internet (and in fact, it usually is: it is what is known as a dynamic address), since there will never be two identical numbers, it serves to identify people connecting to the Internet.

In fact, it is even possible locate an IP based on location from which your user has connected.

The IP adress it can be fixed (fixed IP) or variable (variable or dynamic IP), in addition to the fact that there is also a private address and another that everyone sees.

In this case we will focus on the public IPwhich is the one that somehow ‘shows’ to the network every time you connect to the Internet: the most common is that this address is variable (ie dynamic)so that each time you connect you will be doing so under a different number… but that does not mean that your previous connections have not left a trace.

We have already told you about how to know the IP of a computer, and this time what we want to focus on is explaining to what extent it is possible geolocate an IP. Let’s see if it is possible and, above all, how it is done.

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Let’s go by parts. The first: what is a public IP address? It is the address that identifies your connection through your telephone operator (or ISP, for the acronym in English of internet service provider), and when you connect with your computer, mobile phone or Smart TV to a router to access the Internet, you are assigned a IP only one that is public and visible to the entire Internet.

There are fixed and dynamic ones, and as we said today, the most common is that you are using one of the latter, those that your provider assigns you in the form of a different number each time you connect to the network. The one that is free at that moment, is you IP for that session.

As you have already seen on more than one occasion, the IP addresses they are formed by four groups of numbers from 1 to 255 separated by periods between them. For example, this is an IP address: Or this:

It is a protocol that had not changed much in recent decades, until a few years ago, due to the number running out, it was necessary to introduce the new IPv6 standard.

Can an IP be located? The answer depends: yes and no. It can be located, of course, but what you will be locating in the vast majority of cases is the location of the Internet provider that has assigned that IP to the device.

What you can know is the “central” through which the user has connected to the network, and of course those centrals are usually close to the user’s location, so in some way you will be knowing where he lives. .. but certainly not exactly.

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What this address can be used for is, for example, knowing if that user is connecting through a company network. In many companies, the connection is configured in the name of the company, and depending on which website you use, you can obtain this information simply by knowing from which IP they have connected.

Below we recommend some websites.

How to geolocate an IP address

But let’s stop introductions and go straight to the question that has brought you to this article: the geolocation of an IP. Indeed, IPs can be locatedsince every time you connect to the network you are leaving a trail that includes many clues about your location.

In fact, in some cases those clues can even lead to your exact location. In principle, it is not something that you should worry about as a user, since this information is only used to improve the browsing experience on the websites (and to help their administrators know who visits them).

For locate an IPtry these pages:

All these pages have the same operation: you only have to paste the IP that you want to locate (be careful! When you enter these websites, what is normally shown to you by default is the location of your own IP.

Remember to change it to the address you want to check) and see the result on the map.

In some cases, you will even have the exact coordinates of its position.

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