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How to get children to sleep on Twelfth Night

How to get children to sleep on Kings Eve.

How to get children to sleep on Kings Eve.

Experts from the ‘UGR-LOMONACO Sleep Chair’ have advised parents waking children up early, tiring them during the day, and preventing them from napping so that they can sleep on Twelfth Night.

And is that, Three Kings’ Eve becomes, for many children, the most complicated night to fall asleepFrom those who intend to wait up all night to discover the Three Wise Men arriving at their camels, to those who cannot wait to see the gifts under the tree very early the next morning.

In this sense, the researcher of the chair, Alejandro Guillén-Riquelme, recalled that the necessary sleep time of children varies with respect to their age. From children 1 to 2 years old, who need between 14 and 15 hours of sleep a dayEven the little ones between 2 and 5 years old, who already get a good rest with an average of 11 hours.

After these 5 years, the average number of hours drops to 10 a day, focusing only on nights and not on different moments of rest throughout the day. In addition, the doctor recalled that sleep is essential not only for children to get a good rest, but also for their development.

For this reason and to help the little ones get the sleep they need and wake up full of energy to enjoy the Three Kings Day, the specialists have ensured that The best thing for the little ones to get a rest the night before Kings, is to start the day first thing.

“Although the children are on vacation and can extend their awakenings in the morning, this day is recommended that they do not get out of bed later than usual well, if not, it will cost them more to fall asleep at night, “they have said.

After starting the day without much delay, it is recommended that the eve of Kings is as full of activities as possible and if it can be outdoors, best. A full day without stopping doing things will make the little ones arrive moretiedd to the big night and fall easily exhausted.

In general, for children to get a good rest each night, it is important to maintain a routine at bedtime. Following the same steps, from picking up toys to brushing teeth and putting on pajamas, helps little ones get used to the same journey before falling asleep. The best thing on Twelfth Night, despite the nerves, is to follow (as far as possible) this same routine.

Finally, they have advised relax them before sleeping. When it is time to go to bed, it will also help the children to talk with them for a while or tell them a short story, which will make it easier for them to calm down, get to sleep and, perhaps, dream about the Three Kings.


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