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How to get started on Twitch, be a user and start streaming

Everyone is on Twitch. That celebrity who used to do television is now on Twitch. That friend of yours who used to play soccer with you at recess is now on Twitch. Your first girlfriend, the one from school, is now on Twitch too. Everyone is on Twitch… except you.

That is why you have come to this article, because you want to learn everything about the platform. Although that’s a bit ambitious, isn’t it? So we better narrow down three key points with which you will leave here prepared to start a new adventure of broadcasts and streaming content.

First of all, what is Twitch? The Twitch platform is an application belonging to Amazon in which anyone can record themselves at home and broadcast that recording live to the rest of the world. On Twitch we can be both viewers and broadcasters, depending on what we like the most.

Without going any further, the most famous streamers on the platform are also active consumers of other streamers, because in this way they can learn new ways of communicating, new formats and create synergies. The key on Twitch is to innovate and never stop learning.

But, as we do not want to overwhelm you with innovations and synergies (we’ll leave that for later) let’s go step by step. From creating an account, to knowing how to navigate the application, and ending with what you need to know to start broadcasting. Simple, you’ll see.

How to get started on Twitch, be a user and start streaming

How to create an account on Twitch

To create a Twitch account all we need is: a username, a password, our date of birth, and a phone number. You can also replace the phone with an email.

It used to be much quicker and easier to sign up, but since streamers complained about how helpless they felt against abusers and trolls, who made accounts in seconds, Twitch decided to take it a step further.

Once we have all this data, we put it on the page, in the Register tab and we can be full users.

Why is it worth registering? For many reasons. The mere operation of Twitch is intended for everyone to have a real and operational account, since everything revolves around the interaction between viewers and creators. And not only that, but if we want to broadcast we must have an account.

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Once we confirm via mobile or email that our account is fine and that our request is real, we will be full members of the platform. In other words, we will now be able to talk in chats, give away subscriptions, donate bits and everything that this entails.

All the options you see in the image above (follow, subscribe, comments…) are the Twitch key, and only when we register can we access them. That is why the first step is this, even before learning to use the platform. Once we have seen this, we go to the next point.

How to Navigate the Twitch App Without Getting Lost

As you can see from the header photo of this section, finding out within Twitch is not an easy task. Not much less. To get an idea of ​​where we are, it is best to start with the cover. But what is the cover? Just what we see when entering

To get to the cover We just have to click on the Twitch symbol, up in the left corner. When you are lost and overwhelmed because you are not all calm: we click on the Twitch logo and we go to the cover. This is where it all begins.

To understand the cover you have to be clear that there are two rows: the Twitch interactive header (number 1) and the Twitch channels you follow and are streaming (number 2), or the ones the app thinks you might like based on your interests and tastes.

These two elements are the main ones on the cover, since they are not only always there, but they are the header of the entire application, so you will always see it when you enter.

Part 1 of the image you have just above is an interactive header, that is to say, each time is changing and they are a potpourri of channels that we can go through with the arrows that we have on the sides. The header is great for discovering new streamers.

As for part number 2 of the image, and what we told you before: you will see your favorite streamers, either because you usually see them or because Twitch thinks they fit your tastes. And since Twitch is a money-making machine, it will always recommend the three big channels on duty.

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Let’s get to the important stuff, or at least the part where you can best filter the content once you enter for the first time: the categories. The categories include the type of broadcast, and filters either by stream genre (podcast, talk, gameplay, eSports…) or by video games in particular, since it is essentially a video game platform.

Although it is true that there are categories that have gained fame, such as Chatting or IRL (In Real Live), Twitch is eminently gamer, so it is usual for people to broadcast gameplays of them playing. That is why in categories what we have to do is filter what we like.

In my case, I usually have the three games that I like to watch live, so Twitch is always recommending streams that I might like. At least by affinity. He usually fails, but every now and then he discovers gold. You just have to have the filters on properly.

How to start streaming on Twitch

This section is the most complex, but once we have discovered how to create an account in the application, and how to navigate through it, now the natural thing to do is start broadcasting. The point is that this section requires several reports focused on it, so in this tutorial we will focus on the basics.

Broadcast your own art, so much so that each streamer has their tricks and advice, and requires a lot of material if we want to do it professionally (just as we explained a few weeks ago how to start a podcast, where the budget is the limitation of everything).

If we don’t focus on materials, like cameras, microphones, main computer, secondary computer, the two screens, the anti-echo plates… and all that stuff, broadcasting on Twitch is very simple… or not. It depends what we want to do on the Amazon platform.

On computer to broadcast we need to download an app like OBS, StreamLabs or Twitch’s own. This application is the one that acts as the broadcast control table. In this app we select everything we want to be broadcast. It’s the television control room.

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With OBS, for example, we have the most used and basic program. In it we choose the scenes, the game we want to broadcast, where we want to place the camera, what notifications come out when someone subscribes, where to place the chat… absolutely everything.

To connect the broadcast program with our Twitch account and be able to broadcast we need the key of the main transmission, which is the key that opens the door for Twitch and OBS (or any other program) to communicate. Without it we can do nothing, and for our own safety.

To find this information You just have to go to Profile, Account Settings, Stream and the same menu that you have in the screenshot will appear which is above these lines. It has no loss.

Learning to use OBS or StreamLabs is not easy, it takes a lot of work and a lot of practiceand there are hundreds of tutorials on the internet that help newbies who want to start in the world of streaming, but to understand what you are doing, it is necessary to understand everything that we are explaining to you.

If instead you want direct from mobilewhich is very common if we just want to chat with our viewers, all you have to do is Download the official Twitch app, click on your profile and the option will appear: Start direct. As simple as that.

With all this tutorial, from the first steps, to the broadcasts through the mobile, your landing on Twitch we promise it will be safe and smooth. Being a spectator and enjoying the streams is as easy as turning on the television, with the added bonus that you can help your favorite creator.

Being a streamer, succeeding and dominating the application is another story, but with effort and a lot of dedication you will surely achieve it. And don’t be discouraged, Ibai and other successful creators have entire teams helping to make everything go well in each broadcast, so be patient, success is not guaranteed, only fun.

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