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How to get white teeth: avoid these foods

How to get white teeth: avoid these foods

How to get white teeth: avoid these foods
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Show off ones white teeth and radiant are the cornerstone of a perfect smile. If your goal is to take care of your enamel and keep a Oral hygiene so that the color of your teeth is the ideal, there is food that you should avoid.

The carrot, tomato, beet, coffee, red wine and tea are some of the foods that cause the appearance of stains on the teeth and the loss of brilliance in your mouth, as commented by the specialist in dental aesthetics from ADE, Fulvia Kucharski.

And it is that, although to show off a healthy smile, and also avoid caries, it is It is essential to use the toothbrush three times a day, use a mouthwash and dental floss, and visit the dentist periodically, this is not enough to maintain or regain the white color. “What we eat and drink, as well as our habits, also plays a role in all this, and the list of foods that stain our teeth is more extensive than we might think a priori. There are many foods with intense colors that we consume daily or regularly that they stain our teeth, “he explained.

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Specifically, the expert has ensured that red wine is one of the “great enemies” of tooth whiteness, since it attacks the enamel because it is acidic and contains both chromogens and tannins. To a lesser extent so is white wine, due to its acidity and being rich in tannins.

For his part, both the has, especially black and red, like coffee cause the teeth to gain a yellowish color over time. In fact, the specialist has reported that su daily consumption is strictly related to loss of brilliance.

On the other hand, he continues, both industrial fruit juices and soft drinks and energy drinks are rich in colorants and sugars, a fact that also makes them “clear enemies” of the teeth because contribute to tooth decay and because its high acid content causes enamel to erode.

In the same way, Kucharski has warned about prepared and packaged meals for containing artificial colors. In addition, sauces such as soy, curry or balsamic vinegar They can also seep into enamel and stain it.

Finally, and although most fruits and vegetables promote the cleaning of the teeth, the doctor has commented that there are also others that contribute to staining the tooth enamel, such as cherries, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries. What’s more, citrus acidity causes enamel erosion and, consequently, the loss of its shine.

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