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How to give ideas to whoever is going to give you something: share the Amazon wish list

A good way to help someone who doesn’t know what to buy is to be able to share our Amazon wish list so that they can get some ideas from there. Didn’t you know we can pass it on to each other? Well don’t worry, because we are going to tell you how to do it.

As we were saying, being able to share a wish list can be a great way to get a friend without gift ideas, they can see what we have selected and use it to find a suitable gift.

In addition, this whole system can go a little further, since we can allow other people to edit the list if they wish.

The system is very simple to use and is similar to other types of tools in which similar lists can also be shared, such as Google Docs.

Index of contents:

Share your Amazon wish list from your computer

The way we are going to have to share the Amazon wish list from a computer, be it Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook, is to enter the Amazon website with our credentials and from there start working.

The steps that we must follow are really easy and do not have any complications, especially if you are a regular to work with the largest ecommerce in the world.

  • The first thing we have to do is log in with our username and password on the official Amazon website.
  • Once we are inside, what we must do is, in the upper right corner of the web, pass the cursor over account and lists.
  • At that moment we will see how a drop-down opens in which we must look for the section my wish listwhere we should click.
  • Now a new page opens where we are inside your lists.
  • This is where we must select the one we want to share if you have created more than one.
  • Once we are inside the list that we select, we will see that just below the name of the list we have a button that puts a + symbol and then Invite.
  • We will have to click on that button next.
  • Now a tab appears where we must choose between inviting someone to Just watchthat is, that said users can only take a look at the list, or View and Editwhere they will not only see the list, but will be able to add articles or delete them.
  • Once you have selected one or another option, you should know (which they notify you about) that at the time you share the list will stop being private to become shared.
  • From there, we will have two ways to make the list reach the user or users that we want.
  • By means of a link that we will copy to send it by giving copy link or by opening the default email program and sharing the link of the wish list by this means with whomever we want, whenever we click on the option Invite by email.
  • If you select the first option you can share the link however you want, by text message, by WhatsApp or by the means you prefer. The second option is exclusive to email.
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It’s that simple to share our wish list on the computer. As you have seen, it is a fast way, with the option that other people help make the list bigger and with more products.

The negative part is that we lose privacy and that other users can also delete products, so a conflict can be created.

Share Amazon wish list from smartphone

Whether you have an iPhone or your device is an Android, you will be able to share all the wish lists that you want and that you have.

In both cases it is the same, since it does it in the same way, so it will not matter if you have an Apple or a terminal with the Mountain View operating system.

Obviously, we must have the Amazon application, both for iOS and Android, installed on our smartphone.

The steps we must follow are the following:

  • We must log in to Amazon with our username and password.
  • Once we have the session started, it is time to go to the bottom of the application to touch the user, which is a human silhouette icon.
  • Now another window opens in which we must find where it says Wish listto click on See everything.
  • At this time we must choose which wish list we want to share. Once we know it, we only have to click on it once.
  • As we are already inside the list we will see how in the upper right part, just below where it puts the name of the list there is written Invitewhere we should click.
  • We will have the same two options that the computer gave us. That is, we must choose between inviting someone to Just watch (that said users can only take a look at the list nothing else) or View and Edit (not only will they see the list, but they will be able to add items to or remove items from the list).
  • If we choose the first we will have the option of copy the link to send it as we want, although on the mobile it also grants us other forms such as text message, email and more.
  • When choosing the option View and Editthe phone offers us more features than what we have seen on the computer, since it allows us to copy the link, email, text message and more.
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With everything that we have told, we hope that you can share your Amazon wish lists without any problem so that they are more participatory and dynamic among family or friends.

In addition, it can be a good way to help someone with gift ideas that we have saved and with which that person can find the ideal gift that they were looking for.

If you have launched any of your lists to share, you can tell us about your experience on our social networks. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this Amazon feature.

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