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How to improve the visibility of your profile on LinkedIn

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, surely more than once you have received requests from people who had nothing to do with your occupation or your sector. Well, to try to minimize this fact, we are going to see how we can manage our visibility on the platform.

We agree that the LinkedIn profile is public, but it is also true that limiting its visibility a little can mean that it does not appear more than it should, and in places where we do not want it at first, such as other networks. social.

The truth is that LinkedIn gives us room to protect our profile and decide more selectively who can see it and who can search for it.

With the advice that we are going to give you below, you will be able to maintain everything that is the visibility that we have on LinkedIn in a much more effective way.

Adjust display mode

LinkedIn offers us several options regarding the display of the profile, being able to establish certain rules in this regard.

The place where we must enter to see all these options is by clicking on Mein the drop-down click on Settings and privacyafter in Visibility, for the latest click on Visibility of your profile and your network.

Here we can ask that anyone who wants to communicate with us has to send us your name and title before doing it.

We will also be able to hide our name and title, to only show where we work or directly use the private mode with it we will be able to be anonymous in the network.

To change your profile viewing options, simply click Change and select the option that we prefer. Of course, without forgetting to click on To close when we have completed it.

Who can view or download our email address

Depending on how we set our privacy on LinkedIn, anyone can see our email address. This may result in receiving spam emails or being added to mailing lists.

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Fortunately, this can be changed and thus decide who can or cannot see your email address.

For that we must return to Visibility As we have done in the previous case, we click on Change for Who can see or download your email address.

At that moment we must choose who can see it from the drop-down menu that appears, being able to put from any person until only we can observe this dice. It is now up to each one to put the option that suits them best.

Who can see our last name?

As usual, the name and surname are there to identify you on the network and that anyone who knows them can access your information.

If we don’t want everyone to have access to our first and last name on LinkedIn, this is what we should do.

Within Visibility you have to go to the option Who can see your last names. In this case you can choose exactly how your name will be seen on LinkedIn.

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The name will be complete, but we can choose not to have the surname and only the first letter of it appears.

Even with this option enabled, anyone who searches for us using our full name will still be able to find our LinkedIn profile.

Preview of our public profile information

Anyone could see our profile if we appear in a search for something specific, to give you an example. It is up to us how we appear in said information.

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If we want to see a preview of how our profile appears, we must go to Edit your public profile, within Visibilityplace where we will not only see how it is currently, but we can change it if it does not convince us.

We have at our disposal a good number of different options to edit the content, the visibility and even the LinkedIn URL.

Control visibility outside of LinkedIn

In case you didn’t know, you should know that there are certain applications and services that can show the information from our LinkedIn profile, outside of this network.

This is another case of the amount of information that social networks have about us, that even in any search engine we appear with much more data than we sometimes would like.

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If we do not want this to continue happening with our profile, we must go to Search and visibility of your profile outside of LinkedIn inside the settings menu Visibility.

At that time we can remove permission to services such as Outlook or selection tools so that they do not continue to show our profile. With only uncheck yes that we see in a green button located at the bottom, it would be worth it.

Discover us using our email and phone number

There are several ways by which you can find us on LinkedIn, something that we have already seen.

The most common is to use a person’s name to find them, but we can also use their email address or phone number.

Both cases can be deactivated so that it is not possible to discover us in those two ways, that is, by email or our telephone number.

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In the case of email, we must continue in Visibility as we have done so far. What you have to look for is the option where it says Discovery of profiles by email address.

Once we have opened this option we will see a dropdown where we can limit this discovery to 2nd degree contacts either No onehaving as default All.

In the event that we want to limit or deactivate the possibility that we can be found by means of our telephone number, without leaving Visibility We must click on the option that says Discovery of profiles by phone number.

In the dropdown below we will have the same options that we have seen in the previous case, that is, 2nd Degree Contact, Nobody either All as default.

It is clear that many people are dedicated to increasing their number of contacts on LinkedIn, looking for people who are related to them, with the same type of work or who can serve them in the future for a professional relationship.

But there are times when we have everything that LinkedIn is so open, that those searches may not be so “innocent” and we want to limit our impact in this regard so as not to see ourselves with contacts that have nothing to do with our employment or in lists of mail in which we have not decided to be.

That is why it is important to maintain visibility to the degree that interests us and that is why we believe that this article will help a lot in this matter, so that we can have LinkedIn configured in the way in which we feel most comfortable.

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