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How to improve your child’s self-esteem if he is overweight

For a child to be overweight is a situation that can put your self-esteem at risk if your school environment signals your situation in a malicious way. This can lead the child to suffer from anxiety and lead him to exclude himself socially, among other consequences.

As indicated Kids Health, parents play an important role in restoring their child’s self-esteem and that they must actively exercise so that their child can cope with their situation and feel good about themselves again, all with the aim of strengthening their mental health.

Help your child reconsider his condition

One of your first actions as a parent should be ask your child about how comfortable he is with being overweight in order to explore the possibility of employing a routine to lose weight.

There are times when children may want to lose weight in order to feel more comfortable with themselves, but fail to do so due to not being sufficiently informed about how they can do it.

In this scenario, it is important that you indicate what you can do to lose weight and have a body with which you feel more comfortable and happy. This will ensure that they do not attempt anything dangerous that puts them at risk.

Help him visualize his strengths

Overweight girl
Children’s self-esteem can be lowered when they are overweight. Source: Shutterstock

You can help in the development of your child’s self-esteem if you help him to see his strengths and the positive aspects that he has. In this way, he will see that he has things to be proud of, grateful for, and ultimately content.

Let your child see and value their own strengths help him understand that he is much more than just an overweight person, which will allow you to overcome that aspect of yourself to evaluate yourself more completely.

Praise and congratulate him

Praising and congratulating your child for each of his accomplishments and efforts is a great way to help him build self-esteem. You will feel that your parents support you and that they are happy about the progress you make in your life.

Praise your child for the effort, not for the result achieved with him. If you place too much importance on the result, your child may despise the pre-achievement process.

Also note that they can tell a true compliment from a false one. For example, if he has performed poorly in a match, but you still praise him for his play, he will feel that your compliment is false and empty, which will be detrimental to his self-esteem.

Being overweight is not an easy circumstance for a child or adolescent, who can contemplate suicide in the most extreme scenario. Thus, it is important that parents serve as support and help in strengthening their child’s self-esteem to avoid this situation.

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