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How to include cocoa in your diet and take advantage of its properties without getting fat

Cocoa is one of the foods that can best help us cope with quarantine for its stimulating properties. As indicated Vitonic, cocoa is a very healthy food, much more so than chocolate, with which it is sometimes confused.

How can we include cocoa in our diet without getting fat? Chocolate is undoubtedly the most common and accessible option, but not necessarily the most optimal if what we want is a food that does not contribute many calories to our diet.

Pure chocolate in cocoa

The moderate consumption of pure chocolate will not affect our weight. Photo: Pexels

Initially, chocolate is any product that has a cocoa percentage of at least 35%, regardless of the type of cocoa in question.

This has an important nutritional consequence, since a lower percentage of cocoa implies a greater amount of sugars and fats in the piece of chocolate, as well as a lower amount of polyphenols, which are very important antioxidants.

However, pure chocolate has a higher concentration of cocoa in its composition, generally from 70 or 80%, which implies a greater quantity of polyphenols, and a lower proportion of fats and sugars.

In theory, this higher concentration of cocoa makes pure chocolate a healthier alternative, since it is not only free of extra sugars and fats, but it also has a greater amount of antioxidants capable of fighting oxidative stress. Next, we will indicate a couple of ways to include cocoa in our diet with the least amount of calories possible.

Spreadable cream

The cocoa spread is an interesting and multifaceted alternative to the cocoa contained in pure chocolate. With the cream we can cover various foods with cocoa, which will add an exotic and delicious touch to what we consume.

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For the cream we only need pure cocoa powder (100 grams), roasted and ground hazelnuts (100 grams), 7 tablespoons of olive oil (100 grams), and honey (50 grams).

All we have to do is mix all the ingredients until we get a cream with a homogeneous texture. When we do, we will keep the cream in the fridge, and we will have it ready to spread with whatever is most convenient for us.

In pure state

Although it is unusual, consuming pure cocoa is the best way to absorb all the contents of the cocoa without the intervention of other ingredients. In other words, you can consume 100% pure cocoa.

Consuming the cocoa bean involves breaking the shell, preferably with a knife. We will see a whitish part covered with a very sweet slimy substance, and whose interior has the dark cocoa that we all know.

We can choose to eat only the white substance, but we can also eat it all, including the dark cocoa.. However, consider that this part is extremely bitter and nothing like the chocolate we are used to.

Remember that a chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa is much healthier than others with a lower concentration, and consequently has a greater amount of benefits for you.

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