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How to install HBO Max or another app that is not in the official store on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

If we have a television at home that is not a Smart TV, we can always put one of the many devices on the market to make it smart. Well, if you have opted for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may have noticed that HBO Max cannot be installed in the normal way. do not despair, because we tell you how to get it.

If your option, for that television that is not a Smart TV to be able to have apps and connect to the Internet, is the Amazon Fire TV Stick, it may be that you have realized that some applications that are so relevant today, such as HBO Max , they are not operative to be installed.

That is, we entered the Amazon store and there is no trace of this app to be able to see this streaming service.

Although at first it seems like a real job, especially since it is a paid service and it is annoying not being able to have it on this television, we should not get angry, since there are ways to install it, the only thing that does not go through the Amazon official store precisely.

Let’s see what are the ways we have to install it.

With Send Files to TV

The first option we have is to use an app that is in the Amazon store and is called Send Files to TV.

We must install this application on our mobile phone from the Google Play Store and on the Amazon Fire TV Stick from the official store. Additionally, it is recommended that you install a file explorer (whatever you want) on the Fire TV.

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Once we have both applications installed on both devices, the first thing we must do is download the APK file of the HBO Max app for Android TV.

For that, we are going to go to the APKMirror website and download the APK file of the latest stable version of the HBO app. You must be clear where the phone has downloaded the file.

Now it is time to proceed with the shipment and installation on the Fire TV.

  • We open the application Send Files to TV on mobile and Fire TV.
  • At mobile we choose the option Send While in the Fire TV we select Receive. This means that our mobile will be the data sender and the television device the one that receives what we send.
  • We use the search engine to select the HBO Max APK, to then click send.
  • Now we should see on the television that the Fire TV is receiving the file, causing the APK to be downloaded to the television device thanks to WiFi.
  • When finished, we can exit the application and open the file explorer that we installed before to go to the fire tv download folder and click on it apk-file of the HBO Max app.
  • You will have to give him permission to install apps from unknown sources.
  • As soon as it finishes installing, you will have the HBO Max application on your Fire TV device, ready for you to enter, enter your credentials and start enjoying your streaming service.

With Downloader

We also have another option and we don’t need the mobile terminal at all, we will do everything from the Fire TV itself.

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What we are going to do is use the Amazon device’s own navigation to download the APK file and install it from it, without having to use another device at all.

The steps that we must follow are really simple and you will see how they do not have any complications:

  • We enter the Fire TV Stick app store and download an application called Downloader.
  • We open that app and look where it says Browserwhich will be in a menu on the left side of our screen.
  • At the moment in which the browser is opened we will see how it appears on the website of the program itself. What we have to do is go to or another that you know that is trustworthy to download the HBO Max APK file.
  • If you have opted for APKMirror, we must look for the HBO application for Android TV, clicking on the magnifying glass that you will see in the upper right, writing the name of the app (version for Android TV) and then choosing the most current you can find.
  • After downloading, it will ask you if you want to install the application to which you must click on Install.
  • At that moment it will start to install itself, and may ask you for permission to install unknown sources, something you must do.
  • By the time it’s over, you’ll already have HBO Max or any other app you want installed on the Amazon Fire Stick TV.

From the Amazon website

There is a third way to install the HBO app. We have left it for last because it is not really very advisable, since, as you will be able to see now, changing certain parameters of our Amazon account can cause us problems.

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That is why it can be a valid option if the previous ones, for whatever reason, do not work, although we assure you that both are operational, since we have tested them both.

Even so, this third way is to enter the Amazon website and enter our account with our credentials (username and password).

  • Now all we have to do is go to My account.
  • Then we must choose the option content and devices.
  • At this point you have to change the country settings and change address for one of United States.
  • Once we have done this step, we can go to the Fire TV Stick applications and it will allow us download and install the HBO Max app officiallysince in that country it is available.
  • Once installed, you can put everything back as you had it, although it seems that some other user has reported problems after changing the address again, something like the system was not too agile for it.

With all the forms that you have just seen, you will be able to install the HBO Max app without problems and see everything that this streaming platform offers you on the Fire TV Stick. The same is also true for installing any application that you do not have in the official store.

They are very simple, intuitive and easy methods so that anyone can do them without the slightest problem.

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