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How to integrate radish into your daily diet to lose weight

How to integrate radish into your daily diet to lose weight

Radishes are very rich in water and minerals, therefore they are a great ally to combat fluid retention and lose weight.

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The actual nutrition and wellness trend it is clear, it invites us to increase the consumption of natural and seasonal foods. In such a way that the varieties of fruits and vegetables have taken a very special place, although there are some alternatives in popular use, it is important to give ourselves the task of exploring new horizons. One of the clearest examples is radishes, which are usually a vegetable that we usually go unnoticed and that in fact provides a long list of nutritional and medicinal properties.

The radish belongs to the vegetable family and receives the scientific name of Raphanus sativus. It is a vegetable of humble origin that has been used since ancient times by the Chinese and that is why for many years it has been considered a powerful ingredient in the Chinese traditional medicine. In fact there is a popular Chinese proverb that says “When white radishes are in season, doctors can take a break.” The Egyptians also valued radishes for their cosmetic and therapeutic uses.

Such antecedents make us change a bit the perception about these colorful and crunchy vegetables, of which there are many good things to say. Radishes are conspicuous for their water content which makes up almost the 95% of its compositionThey have zero fat and are low in calories (to be precise, 100 grams contain only 19 calories), therefore they are considered a great ally for weight loss. They attract attention for their high content of potassium, calcium, manganese, vitamin C, folates and fiber.

Although there are powerful reasons to eat more radishes, among which their properties stand out digestive, cleansing, antibiotic and anticancer. Enough reasons to make them a good ally against cardiovascular diseases, to combat all kinds of digestive disorders, strengthen the immune system and help us prevent diseases. Recently, various specialists in medicine and nutrition recommend its specific consumption for accelerate weight loss. Based on this, we set about compiling its most outstanding slimming benefits.

Why do radishes benefit weight loss?

1. They benefit the digestive process

One of the great qualities in the composition of radishes is related to their high fiber content. By simply eating at least one cup of radish slices a day, we will be getting the total recommended daily intake of dietary fiber. Not bad! In addition a adequate fiber intake, is associated with many benefits for the proper functioning of the body. Not only is it key to ensure the optimal digestive process, it accelerates intestinal transit and thereby benefits the elimination of waste. This is why radishes are a wonderful addition to fight constipation. It is worth mentioning that the adequate consumption of dietary fiber is also of great help to reduce cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels.

2. They have diuretic properties

Radishes are very rich in water, which not only makes them light and very refreshing. Confers on them great diuretic properties, its consumption is a good supplement to combat fluid retention that is directly associated with being overweight. They also favor the purification of the blood and the cleaning of the gastric, urinary and intestinal mucosa.

3. They accelerate the metabolism

Radishes are rich in two important components in weight loss: caffeic and chlorogenic acids, which in fact are distinguished by being in most cruciferous vegetables. What is striking about these acids is that they have the ability to inhibit the absorption of iodine and decrease the production of thyroxine, the thyroid hormone that controls metabolism and affects some emotional states. In fact, it is well known that the consumption of radishes is highly recommended for cases of hyperthyroidism and of course also in any diet focused on weight loss.

4. Regulates blood glucose

Radishes are a good dietary addition for people with prediabetes and diabetes, the main reason being that it is a very low glycemic index food. Taking into account that diabetes is one of the most recurrent and dangerous diseases in the world population, and that in turn it is associated with death and a greater risk of suffering from other chronic conditions; is It is essential to do everything possible to prevent this condition. One of the most effective tools to achieve this through diet and the good news is that radishes are on the list of the best foods against diabetes. According A study published in Nutrients, it has been found that radishes tThey have antidiabetic properties, which can help lower blood sugar levels and improve the absorption of glucose in your body.

The best of all is that radishes are extremely affordable, now that spring is beginning they will be the perfect fresh and light addition to lose weight. They go wonderfully in all kinds of salads and ceviches, providing colors, nutrients and an unbeatable crunchy consistency. They also go well in roasted and baked preparations. Bet on seasoning them with olive oil, aromatic herbs, salt and pepper They will become your favorite slimming veggies!

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