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How to keep your Windows laptop safe when connected to free WiFi

Whenever we connect to a public WiFi network, we are at risk since they are never the most secure. That is why we must be the ones who take care of our Windows computer, so that nothing undesirable happens.

Public WiFi networks do not have the security that private ones do, in addition to the fact that in a private one we can be the ones to amplify said parameter.

That is why it is convenient to protect yourself in some way, if we are going to use a public network, just in case we have a problem, since we know that it is quite easy for certain individuals to use these networks to carry out some unethical and even illegal action.

Having this clear and knowing that this type of network does not implement too much security, we must be the ones to do something about it and that is why we are going to see how to protect our Windows computer from possible problems with public WiFi.

In any case, we do not want to give the impression of generalizing either, since, yes, there are public accesses that are safe, the problem is knowing which ones to trust, so it is best to cover yourself from all of them and thus be protected.

What to do to be protected?

windows updated

This may seem like a solution to all problems, but it is one of the most important, because the most updates that Microsoft sends to our computer refer to everything that it has to do with security.

In theory you shouldn’t do anything to install Windows updates, since the vast majority of computers run automatically.

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If this is not the case, we will always be able to do it ourselves by entering the Setting of Windows, then in Windows Update and selecting the button to install all those that are available.

Use a firewall

One of the tasks that a Firewall on a Windows computer is to prevent anyone from entering without being authorized on the PC. We should not confuse it with an antivirus, since this type of program only detects and resolves malicious software or malware problems, and not fraudulent access.

With this we do not mean that the antivirus is uninstalled, not even the least, because the union of both (antivirus and firewall) is perfect to keep the computer as safe as possible.

If you do not have an external Firewall, you will always be able to activate the Windows 11 Firewall by following these steps:

  • We are going to Setting of Windows.
  • After that click on Privacy & Security.
  • Now inside Protection Areas, we are going to click on Firewall and network protection.
  • Inside we activate, if any option (Domain Network, Private Network or Public Network) needs such activation.
  • If everything was disabled, you could activate Windows Defender by means of a button below everything.

security software

If instead of Windows Defender we use a third-party protection system, we must have it updated to the latest versions and databases that you have

This is essential, as was the case with Windows updates, because it may be that, in the latest version of our antivirus and firewall, they have discovered a more advanced form of protection or reinforce the ones they already had.

In addition, as new viruses, malware, Trojans and systems to enter other people’s computers are appearing, the updates serve so that the software is prepared for all of this.

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Use a VPN

When we use a VPN, what we are doing is directing the Internet connection through a private network that has certain extra security measures, with which to try to avoid any type of malicious attack on the computer.

In addition to that, the shared information is encrypted so everything is even more complicated for all those who intend to carry out an illegal action.

That is why it can be very convenient to use this type of network for the times when we use a public WiFi network.

There are free VPN networks that do not work badly, but the ones that have the best performance are always usually those that are paidsomething that we could consider if we spend a lot of time in a public WIFI.

HTTPS protocol

The HTTP protocols are those that are used to communicate a client computer with a website (server) between them.

When we refer to HTTPSwe mean that this communication between client and server is carried out over a secure connection, that’s why it puts an S at the end. For your better understanding, when information is sent from one to another, the sender encrypts the data in such a way that only the receiver can read it.

If there is any type of attack to intercept that information, the only thing they will receive is encrypted data, so security is maintained.

That is why it would be very convenient that while we are in the public network, we only enter websites with the HTTPS protocol, in order to be sure of being more secure.

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For example, Google Chrome can be configured to always connect to these types of secure connections. We just have to do the following:

  • We are going to Setting and then we select security and privacy.
  • Now we go into Security.
  • At this time we must activate Always use secure connections.

Invisible computer on the network

If you don’t want other people to be able to access your files and folders over the network, it’s best to make your computer inaccessible the first time you connect to that access point.

When we register to a new WiFi network, Windows always asks us if we want other computers to detect us as members of said network, to which we must select No.

If we didn’t do it that way the first time, we have another way to perform the same action, which is to expand all our WiFi networks through Windows and once we locate the one we are connected to, click on it to expand it and we will see a sign that says Properties.

Once we get in, we put our Network Profile in Publicwhich will automatically cause our PC to hide from said public WiFi network.

Everything you have read are the best ways we have to avoid having a single problem if we connect to a public network, although being able to avoid it will always be the best.

With all these tips we should be well protected against any type of incidence and attack while we are in a public type network.

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