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How to know if you are affected by a hack or data breach and what to do next

Hacks and data leaks are the order of the day and more and more people and companies are becoming victims of these attacks. We tell you how to find out and what to do next.

Data breaches seem to be becoming a daily occurrence and it is more and more common to hear of a related incident, whether in a company or on a personal basis.

We have recently witnessed two great episodes. The first of these occurred at the end of July, in which a new method, known as SATAn, stole information and data from systems protected over the air by using the SATA cable as a wireless antenna to transmit data and information from a PC to some device. a nearby place.

Just yesterday we already informed you of a new one in which 5.4 million users were victims of data theft on Twitter.

If you have sadly been involved in any of these cases, remember that your records may also have been exposed, stolen or leaked online. And that is, identity theft occurs when someone uses your information without permission to impersonate you.

They can use your identity or your financial data to carry out fraud and commit crimes such as tax fraud, opening lines of credit or requesting loans in your name.

When this happens, normally your service provider will contact you to inform you of the situation that is occurring and the dangers that it may pose. The problem is that this usually happens late and the damage may already be done.

Therefore, you also come into play here and you should be aware of any strange changes that occur around you or in your accounts. Any suspicious movement, no matter how small, should already set off the alarms.

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From ComputerHoy, on many occasions we have published some tricks related to the security of your accounts and passwords to keep as safe as possible on the network.

What should I do if I have been a victim of data theft?

Let’s put ourselves in a situation and assess what you should do if you have finally been the victim of a hack or data theft. First of all, from Zdnet, they advise that we immediately change our password since it has already been leaked.

Also, if you’re guilty (like many of us) of reusing password combinations across different platforms and services, you should change them quickly, too.

Whenever you can, activate two-factor authentication (2FA), which will help us to add a second layer of security to our accountsso if they end up leaking our data through the deep web, for example, the attackers would also need to access your email account or phone to get the verification code needed to access your account.

Now, if we already know that the data of your payment cards, bank accounts or other digital financial services have been compromised, immediately call the provider and quickly freeze any cards or accounts that exist. For the same, you must inform your bank so that they are attentive to suspicious and fraudulent transactions.

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