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How to know if you are cleaning your face the wrong way

If you care about the cleaning your face, then it is possible that you are doing something that, although you consider it to be right, is actually wrong.

Cleaning the face helps to keep it free of oil and eliminate toxic elements caused by pollution, according to Stylist. However, you have to know which cleaning elements are the right ones and how often you need to wash your face. Here are the most common errors:

Why is it important to wash your face

There are those who underestimate facial cleansing. Cleansing your skin not only removes dirt and grime that accumulates throughout the day and clogs pores, it also helps your other skin care products work efficiently.

The ideal would be two skin cleanses a day, leaving the deepest cleaning for night. Photo: Pexels

In fact, for good skin care, cleaning is the first step, And perhaps this is the most common mistake, as there are those who start a facial care routine without even having cleaned the skin.

Washing your skin reduces the risk of breakouts and breakouts due to environmental pollutants. So don’t underestimate this all-important step when it comes to facial care.

How many times do you have to clean the skin

A simple cleaning in the morning may be enough to remove dead cells and start the day. But if it is a more thorough cleaning, this should be done at night.

That is why it must be cleaned at least twice. This is because the nightly cleansing removes excess oil, makeup and residue caused by pollution. If not done, there could be breakouts and a dull appearance.

Errors in facial care

But there are mistakes that you may be making without realizing it or thinking that maybe they are okay. One of them is to believe that cleaning is optimal if the skin is stiff after washing.

In fact, this is a symptom that the skin barrier is wearing down or has deteriorated, and it is not a good sign. Conversely, clean skin should feel fresh after cleaning.

This barrier is a line of defense against bacteria and other agents that can damage your skin. In addition, it helps to maintain adequate levels of hydration, avoiding dryness. So removing it would be a big problem.

Be careful with the water temperature

The water temperature should not be neither too cold nor too hot. In fact, experts recommend that the water be at 37ºC to avoid burns. If you like hot water, you must be very careful not to cause problems for your skin. Remember that the part of the face is very sensitive.

On the other hand, use products that do not cause irritation, that have hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, chamomile and glycerin, in addition to ceramides. These components hydrate the skin and protect the skin barrier. They contain antioxidants and are also soothing in case of a problem.

Anyway, if you need help to know how to perform facial care according to your skin type, or if you have a skin problem, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist.

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