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How to know if you have won the Christmas Lottery 2021

Millions of Spaniards play every year in the Christmas lottery, which this past December 22 has returned to distribute hundreds of millions of euros in multiple prizes. The main ones are already well known, but the list of winning tenths does not stop there. There are many more who have their reward.

The Christmas draw also has the peculiarity that many people play more than one number, both individually and shared. Therefore, days after the draw, it is still possible that bettors have not checked if any of their tenths has been awarded.

This can be done through our Christmas Lottery number checker. In this simple search engine, it is enough to write down the number we play and select the amount invested to know if the tenth is awarded, as well as to know the amount that we are going to charge, if applicable.

The Christmas Lottery returned this past Wednesday to distribute millions throughout the Spanish geography in a draw in which El Gordo was made to wait. It was not until three hours after the start of the draw when the children of San Ildefonso sang 86148, the highest number in their history, that brought luck to the travelers from the Atocha station (Madrid), to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , Santoña (Cantabria) and Ayamonte (Huelva).

Most of the Gordo series, a total of 129, were sold at the terminal of the Madrid AVE station, in Atocha, where thousands of travelers from all over Spain pass every day, so without a doubt the millions will be there. very spread out.

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The 72119, second prize

The second prize was 72119 and fell whole in Basauri (Biscay), in the administration located at 9 Nagusia Street, which distributed some 177 million euros, most of it distributed by the local handball club.

It is the Atlético Basauri Handball Club-Basauri Eskubaloi Taldea, which distributed 120 series, about 150 million euros, in participations among the members of its teams, family members and fans.

The number 72119 is endowed with 1,250,000 euros to the series, so the holder of each tenth earns 125,000 euros.

The third prize, for 19517

The third prize, endowed with 500,000 euros per series (50,000 euros each tenth), corresponded to the number 19517, was sold mainly in Valencia (103 series).

The administration number 16 of Valencia distributed 51.5 million of this number, widely distributed among customers, tourists and subscribers to 19517 “throughout life.”

Luck also smiled with the 19517 a Calella (Barcelona), with 35 series; Almería (17), Granollers (Barcelona), with 15, and two in Badajoz.

Fourth and fifth prizes

Both the fourth and fifth prizes were widely distributed by numerous autonomous communities, in which the Canary archipelago repeated its luck with several “pinches”.

The fourth prizes were the numbers 42833 and 91179.

And the fifths fell on the following tenths: 24198, 26711, 34345, 69457, 70316, 89053, 89109 and 92052.

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