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How to know if your flight was one of the 2,000 canceled worldwide on Christmas Eve

The airlines made the decision, in large part, to protect their workers.

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Due to the rapid spread of Ómicron, the new variant of Covid, several airlines, not only from the United States but from the whole world, made the drastic decision to cancel thousands of flights in order to mitigate the transmissibility of the virus.

Until this Friday morning, Before Christmas Eve, more than 2,000 flights had been canceled, as reported by the FlightAware site. Of the total, at least 454 had been programmed, inside or outside the United States.

United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines are some airlines operating in the US that executed this decision, ensuring that Ómicron not only affected passengers, but also the crew and other employees of its airlines.

Flights canceled in the US on Christmas Eve

United Airlines said it cut 112 flights from its schedule on Friday.

“The nationwide increase in Omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation,” the airline said in a statement.

Delta Air Lines also apologized, explaining that Ómicron, and potentially severe weather in places like Seattle and Salt Lake City, led them to cancel 90 flights scheduled for this day.

“Delta teams have exhausted all options and resources, including rerouting and aircraft and crew substitutions to cover scheduled flights, before canceling,” the airline said in a statement Thursday.

Alaska Airlines canceled 17 flights Thursday after some employees reported possible exposure to Covid, while an American Airlines spokesperson said no cancellations were planned.

About international airlines, Lufthansa explained that it had to cancel several transatlantic flights due to having several diseased elements, although they could not assure that they are all due to Covid.

“There is currently a massive increase in sick leave. Therefore, we have canceled individual flights across the North Atlantic, for example to Washington, Boston and Houston from Frankfurt, ”explained a spokesperson.

How to know if my Christmas Eve flight is among those canceled

Enter this link, where you can search, in real time, the flights canceled for this day.

You can check either by choosing the airline or the airports of origin or destination. It also tells you if your flight is only delayed or is ultimately canceled.

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