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How to know the state of roads and traffic in real time



Due to the end of the Christmas season, an increase in car trips is expected during the dates after the Kings Day andon the weekendd. Added to this are the last snowfalls and the roadblock due to the storm in recent days. For all this, knowing how the roads are is vital to ensure that we can return home and make sure that the journey is safe.

Internet and the availability of data in real time has made looking at the state of the roads before a car trip has become an easier task. We tell you the main ways:


We can access the official source and consult the website of the General direction of traffic. In its platform we can know different aspects of the updated traffic; access to traffic cameras, radars and speed controls, black spots, forecasts, bulletins and even an interactive traffic map where we can see the main warnings. In days so marked by roadblocks and snowfall, this tool can be vital to plan a trip and not have any unforeseen events.

Traffic applications

The main use that is usually given to traffic apps is to check traffic jams and find the fastest routes, but in this case they can also be used to check accidents and roads cut by the snow. Currently there are many on the market that have this type of information and interactive maps. Some of the most important areWavee, SocialDrive, Coyote, etc. The main advantage is that they work as a social network, which gives users the ability to share informationfirsthandd about the roads they travel.

Check the route with online maps

In addition to the above methods, we can plan the route establishing place of origin and destination in the map services offered by numerous platforms such as Google Maps, Openstreetmaps, Bing Maps or Apple Maps. These map services also offer the possibility of geolocation and navigation, which gives the user information in real time as they drive and allows them to make decisions about the route.

Apps to check the weather

Without a doubt, one of the first steps in planning a trip is see the time you are going to do at the different points of interest along the route. As examples, it can be very useful to check what the weather is going to do in ports like Somosierra if you are traveling to Madrid on the A1, or what it is going to do in the port of Pajares if you are going to circulate through Asturias.

Online media

Before the trip we can check the latest news of the places that we are going totravel by carr. On these dates it is very important to know the last snowfalls, the roads cut in the different provinces and notices that can make us calculate the route with more attention. During the trip it is advisable to follow the news that are happening, especially if we travel on days when a greater influx of traffic is expected, to know possible cuts or accidents on the roads.

Connect radio

If we know that we travel on dates with a lot of traffic, or with possible snowfall warnings, a good option to be aware of possible incidents is also to connect the radio during the trip. The main stations offer regular information on the condition of the roads and impassable roads.

In addition to all these sources of information, the recommendation is to always follow the advice of the authorities, plan the trip to avoid possible mishaps and drive safely.

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