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How to maintain sleep routines in children during these holidays

How to maintain sleep routines in children during these holidays

How to maintain sleep routines in children during these holidays

Has arrived the summer and the school holidays. The hours of daylight have increased and the smallest of the house have many free hours to dedicate to leisure, which means that, suddenly, their daily routines are completely upset. Especially when it comes to sleeping hours….

Normally, during the summer, children’s sleep routines are adapted to adult schedules, and it is not usually taken into account that this can have repercussions on their physical and emotional well-being.

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And, the lack of sleep can lead to an alteration of physical and psychological capacities.

Because as this expert says, “sleeping well is as important as eating, and both in the summer and on vacation, we must continue to maintain the habits that were already established during the school year.

Thus, although the flexible hours during holidays It is inevitable, it is still important to maintain more or less fixed schedules that guarantee the correct rest of the little ones.

According to WHO, children under one year of age should sleep 14 to 16 hours including naps. Children from 1 to 2 years, between 11 to 14 hours and the children from 3 to 4 years from 10 to 13 hours daily including naps.

But it is not only a question of the number of hours of sleep. It is also that this rest must be of quality and it is advisable to maintain a certain regularity of schedules both at bedtime and when waking up.

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Those of you who are parents are probably thinking that the theory is fine, but that, in practice, getting children enough sleep is not always an easy task.

Thus, Sonia Montilla, from Sleep Unit of the Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital, has created a list of tips to help children maintain good nighttime habits, also in summer.

Ideally, they should not spend more than 1 hour doing sedentary activities. All this will not only allow them to have fun, but also make them more tired at bedtime and, therefore, better sleep.

But beware! At least an hour before putting them to bed, the activity is over. Children should be calm and relaxed before going to sleep.

Thus, for example, if a child normally goes to bed at 8 at night, in summer he should not fall asleep later than 10.

That is why lowering the blinds a little before bedtime helps create a nighttime environment that encourages sleep.

It is a fact that digital devices activate the brain and, therefore, they should be avoided at night.

For Montilla, it is essential to replace the screens with a book: it is the best way to help them relax.


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