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How to make and file the tax return from your Android mobile with the official Renta Web 2022 app

Something that many people do is submit the Income Tax Return online, since it is very easy to get the draft and, if everything is correct, send it as soon as possible, especially if it goes out to return. Well, this system has been joined, since last year, by the possibility of doing the same thing, but from our mobile device. We tell you everything you need to know.

It is a simple way for us to send the Income Tax Return, since the smartphone is something that we all use, every day, continuously and, therefore, it may be easier for us from this device.

The Tax Agency, aware of this massive use of mobile phones, already made an application available to all filers last year and this year it repeats it.

Today we are going to try to help you understand the process of filing the tax return from a mobile terminal.

Index of contents:

Who is required to file the declaration and when?

As usual, there are some barometers by which the Income Statement must or must not be presented, as far as salaried people are concerned, since those who have a company or are self-employed are obliged.

All those people who have received more than 22,000 euros in the previous 12 months with a single payer.

It must also be provided by those who have more than one payer and the sum of all this exceed 12,643 euros per year.

It is also convenient to remember that the dates on which the Income Tax Return can be submitted through the mobile app, are from April 6 until June 30

If by any chance we need to do it over the phone, we should wait for may 5 and make an appointment at any of these numbers:

  • 901 121 224
  • 915 357 326
  • 901 223 344
  • 915 530 071
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We will have until july 29 to do it this way.

But in addition to all this, there is also the possibility of doing it in personfor which we will have to make an appointment on the same phones that we have seen before, but from May 26 to July 30.


How to get the reference number of the draft for Income 2021

android application

If we are among the taxpayers required to make the Income Statement, as we have already been telling you, we can use the mobile phone to carry out such an action.

The first thing we need to do is download the official application of the Tax Agencya software that not only serves for this task, it can also be used to carry out another series of procedures with this administration.

It is present for Android terminals and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The minimum requirements for this are have an operating system version equal to or greater than 6.0.

To be able to identify yourself you will have to use the Cl@ve PIN system mandatory, since neither the reference number nor the electronic certificate are valid.

If you do not have a Cl@ve PIN you will not be able to continue working with the Tax Agency app, so you will not be able to carry out any action through this software. To sign up for and know how to work, we leave you a video tutorial that will help you understand how this system works.

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Once we have the fully functional Cl@ve PIN, it is time to follow a few simple steps.

These are:

  • Open the Tax Agency app and touch where it says Income 2021.
  • Now we must enter the ID and the expiration date of this
  • Once this is done we will go to a window where we must re-enter the DNI and PIN provided in the Cl@ve PIN app.
  • It is normal to see a PIN popupbut if we see that it does not appear, we can always force it to show it to us by touching on Open the Cl@ve PIN app.
renata's statement

How to request the draft of the 2021 Income Statement

See the draft and make the declaration

This is the part of the application that can change the most depending on each user.

We can say that the normal thing would be that at this moment we see different options on how process and submit the draft of the Income Statement.

But it can also be the case that said draft needs some type of clarification, modification or ratification of any data. This does not have to be anything serious, since it may be that the address or any data in this style needs to be rarefied.

Some of these modifications can be made within the mobile app, but unfortunately others are not possible, which will force us to have to do it through the Tax Agency website.

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View draft and submit return

When we have finished correcting said data or if there was nothing to correct, we must click on Processing of draft/declaration and in this way to be able to see the draft that they have for us.

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With the draft it happens as with the data that we have previously exposed, some modifications (if they have to be made) can be made from the app, but others cannot.

Once everything is solved and whatever is needed is modified, we will see a summary of our statementwhere it will show us the result of it, that is, if we have to pay or if they return us, in addition to other information such as the name, details of everything that is the payment and if we want to check any contribution box.

On this screen you can also modify the declaration in Modify declaration (Web) or see the draft in PDF format by clicking on PDF preview.

Now all that remains is for us to click on Submit Declaration, as long as we agree with the draft. At that time, said draft will become official and will become your 2021 Income Tax Return.

At that time you will receive a Verification code and if you click on Declaration filedyou will see the final declaration in PDF format, which you can save on your mobile, print it or share it.

As you have been able to see, it is much simpler than it seems to be able to make the Income Tax Return through the mobile, a way that can be more enjoyable, since it is the device that we use every day.

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