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How to Make Different Store-Bought Foods Look Like Homemade Food

Food presentation is important to make a good impression.

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Sometimes the purchased food can get you out of trouble when there is no time to cook, you still do not have enough practice in preparing a dish or simply because it requires less effort and is practical and convenient. If you have guests at home and you want to make a good impression, a few simple tricks can make your grocery store look like homemade.

The presentation of your dishes is important. Avoid placing food in the center of the table in the containers that you have boughtIf there are cakes or foods for each guest to snack on on their own, place them on platters or trays.

Impeccable dishes


Photo: PxHereClean dishes regardless of whether it came out of a jar or package. When serving each plate, wipe the edges with a paper towel, this makes your food stand out.


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A cake or treat that you bought in the supermarket and not in a bakery can look even better if you add fruit of the same color tones on top. They can be strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple chunks, peaches, and even nuts.


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You can add flavor and a better presentation to plain white rice by serving it with herbs and spices. Not only do you have the option of coriander, you can also use chopped cooked spinach. For a touch of acidity add lemon juice mixed with chili powder even.

Soups and creams

quemagrasa soup
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Add a drizzle of olive oil, yogurt, or spiralized cream. You can also accompany it with small croutons with grated Parmesan cheese or carefully placed thin pieces of meat and fried onions.


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Serve the spaghetti in spirals and lift it up, giving a little height. Sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.


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For a crunchy topping, add some breadcrumbs over your lasagna. You can also give it a greater flavor if you add grated Parmesan cheese with a little lemon.

Fish and vegetables

Fish steak
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If you have smoked fish and vegetables ready to eat you can get dishes with great presentation if You add pre-roasted chopped nuts and seeds in a dry skillet. This will also give your dish a crunchy texture.


roast meat
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Cut the large pieces of meat into slices and spread them on the plate. You can make a fan effect and make it more visually pleasing, overlapping pieces and bending the strip a little. This fan effect also works for toast and cookies.


Toast with hummus
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Serve the hummus in a bowl and add with a drizzle of olive oil. It will look better if you add some whole chickpeas and a pinch of paprika.


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Bag salads are very practical because they are ready to eat. Serve a mixture in a salad bowl and avoid adding the dressing or vinaigrette. Setting the dressings aside prevents the salad from getting soggy, so guests can serve themselves to taste.

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