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How to make these popular types of videos on TikTok

If you have never made a video on TikTok and want to start with it, we are going to explain how you can make those that everyone makes, from the most normal ones where you appear yourself, to those such as the Lip Sync type or the famous ones. Duo.

Making videos on TikTok is much easier than you might imagine at first, if you have never made any.

There are some that are fashionable and that everyone does continuously, such as the Lip Sync type, those in the form of karaoke, or the Duo, where you can use the video of another Tiktoker to make a replica.

But it may also be that you want to make normal videos, that is, when you go out and explain something, putting some effect, text or emoji.

You can also choose to use third-party applications to make much more professional videos that you will then post on the social network formerly known as

Whatever the type of video, we are going to explain how you can do it so that you can start your journey through TikTok.

How to make a video

The truth is that if it were difficult to make videos on TikTok, it would not be as successful an application as it is. It is extremely easy to make a video and give it certain special touches.

As is evident, we must have the application installed and registered, to then carry out the following steps to create our first video:

  • We entered TikTok.
  • Once inside we will press the symbol + that appears at the bottom right in the center of the screen.
  • As you will see, it takes us to a new window where we will have several options, the main one being Red button large in the center of the screen below.
  • If we just want to record ourselves saying something, with push that red button It will be more than enough, since it will start recording everything we want. You should know that the moment we press it again, it puts the recording on pause, to continue as soon as we click again.
  • Just above the button we are talking about, we can choose the video duration between 15 seconds, 60 seconds or 3 minutes.

From here, TikTok offers us other types of additions to be able to incorporate the videos in the form of options that we will have in the upper right part of the screen.

These options can be extremely interesting to improve the videos or to give them a different structure.

  • To turn: this allows us to choose which camera to use between the front or the rear.
  • Speed: here we can change the speed of the video we record.
  • Filters: a part where we are going to incorporate a series of different filters to give the video a differentiating touch.
  • Trim: here it will allow us to interpret the image of our face to beautify it, either with different options for it or through standard filters in the makeup section.
  • Timer: a timer is very handy as you know exactly when to start recording.

Once we have the video recorded, we are going to click on a red one click button that appears on the right and at that moment it will allow us edit the video with options to put text, stickers, effects, filters, be able to modify it in cutout if necessary, adjust privacy, a noise reduction system, voice effects, place a voiceover or put music on it.

When it is to our liking in every way, it is time to click on Following to put A description to video. Then you can tag people who appear in it, add a link, set who can see the video and allow or not comments or Duos among other options.

If instead of recording a new one, we want to place photos or a video already recorded that is in the memory of our smartphone, instead of pressing on the red button that we have indicated before, what you have to do is press just to its right where does it say galleryto then choose what we want to incorporate.

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How to Create a Lip Sync

The Lip Sync are the videos where people he lip-syncs his favorite songsomething that you have surely seen on TikTok, since there are thousands of videos of this type.

If you want to feel like your favorite singer, the steps you must follow are very simple:

  • We enter TikTok and press again on the + button from the bottom of the screen.
  • Now we click on add soundwhich is at the top of the screen.
  • We look for the song that we like so much and we select it by pressing the red confirm button.
  • Now the moment we press the record button. The song will start and it is the moment in which we must do our playback. We can use the timer if we want.
  • Once done, click on Following and we put a description and manage the options that we have already told you about in the previous point.

How to perform a Duet

A Duo consists of publishing a video on the side of a video by another TikTok creator. In this way, a Duet contains two videos playing at the same time in a split screen.

As we have already said before, when creating a video you can choose if you want it to be used by others to make a Duet or not. So not all TikTok videos allow this function.

To perform a Duo the steps are these:

  • We open TikTok and We are looking for a video that we can use to make a Duet.
  • Once we have it locator, we click on the arrow at bottom right from the screen of our phone.
  • Among all the options that appear, we are going to click on Duo.
  • So Tiktok tells you it’s processing the videosso that after a few seconds we can see how our camera appears on one side and the video we have chosen on the other.
  • Now It only remains to record what we wanteither making faces or talking, pressing the red record button from the bottom center.
  • Then we click on Following and then we write the description to publish it.
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Use third-party apps

If what TikTok offers us in terms of video preparation seems insufficient, we can always use third-party apps to make the videos more spectacular.

There are above all three applications that can serve us perfectly for this task and that are also very simple to use.

These are:

  • Inshot Video Editor: It is an extremely versatile program in which we can create true works of art for TikTok thanks to its number of tools and its great ability to share on social networks. It has a wide range of visual effects and audio effects, although it does not have a library of free songs. If you don’t want the videos to be watermarked, you will have to pay for the pro version.
  • iMovie: it is very easy to use, it has a large library of songs and audio effects, it incorporates templates to make everything much easier. You will also be able to cut your material, originate PIP or green screen effects, record voices and much more. The only thing missing is more video editing options.
  • Canvas: This is another very good application, especially because it has a good number of templates that can be used to make very original TikTok videos and, above all, with much less effort than if we did it by hand. With the free version fortunately we have quite a few options.

These are the most popular videos on TikTok continuously. Then there may be times when a challenge or a type of video may be fashionable, in a timely manner, just as there are songs that are used more than others on the social network.

Dance videos are also very fashionable, but knowing how to record a videosomething that we have already told you, the dance is already a matter of each one.

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