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How to make your Android mobile alert you when you hear a sound

Do you know that your Android terminal has a function by which, when it detects an important sound in the house, it can perform a certain action? We tell you everything you need to know.

This is a capability that Google has been working on for a long time and that it has been developing to give our smartphone the ability to detect certain sounds.

It was specifically in 2020 when the developers of the great G began testing this feature, which we are now beginning to receive on our devices.

This is a very practical service with many possibilities, as well as being, in many cases, a help that can transfer more than just a notification, since the sound can mean something important even for home security.

It is clear that it is a very interesting feature that we can activate within the Quick access of the notification panelwhich name is sound notifications.

This is how Sound Notifications are configured

The sound notifications They do not come in the Quick Accesses of the notification panel, so we must be the ones who make it be placed there.

For this we must do is go to the notification panel and clicking on Editthrow the sound notificationswithin that menu.

Once we already have it within what are the Quick Accesses, it is time to configure it and for that all we have to do is click on the button we just released.

As soon as this system is configured, it will be able to notify us when a baby cries, when the washing machine beeps or when the smoke sensor sounds, among other things, by means of a notification on the phone.

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It must be clear that before activating the function we must have the telephone in the room where we want it to detect us if there is a certain noisesomething normal, since it must be at a reasonable distance from the possible sound.

As usual, this system It wouldn’t make much sense if we don’t have a wearablethat is, a bracelet or a smartwatch, where we can receive the notification that appears on the phone, because we will not have the terminal with us.

Once we click on the new button that we have created in the Notification Panel, we will see how a new window is launched inviting us to discover this new faculty.

One interesting thing it warns us about is that Sound Notifications will never send background audio or conversations to Google without explicit consent from us.

After reading this we must click on the button Activate, which is on the bottom right. Then it will lose us permissions, which we must accept.

On the screen where we are, it allows us to do a test, something that is left for each one. To confirm everything and start working, we will press It is understood.

From now on, when it detects a sound of all those that are included in its parameters, we will receive a notification that will reach our smart watch.

We have to warn you that this system drains the mobile battery quite quickly, so it is best that we have a lot of battery on our smartphone.

On the other hand, this function has reached us on a Samsung Galaxy A52s with Android 12. We tell you this because we know that this ability is present in other terminals, all of them with Android 12, so it may be that in those with the version 11 is not yet present.

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How to make it notify us by voice when it has been loaded

Continuing with the warnings that our mobile device can make and that not everyone knows that they exist, we can configure the phone to notify us by voice when it is time that it has finished charging its battery.

It is something that we are going to do with the Automate application, since for now it is not possible to do it with Google routines or with IFTTT.

We are before a node application with which it manages to control Android automation systems. When we open the app for the first time, everything we see may seem excessive, but everything is a matter of habit.

We will see how the automation we are looking for is not so complicated, since we only have to perform a few simple steps:

  • The first thing is to open Automate.
  • Now we must press the round blue button with a + symbol in the centerwhich is located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • We see how it happens to another window, where we must click on this button again.
  • At that time there are not a lot of options on the screen. We must click on Battery&Power and a dropdown will expand.
  • Next, you have to click on Battery level?
  • Then it will be seen how the node appears When bsterry level in the center of the screen, where we must press.
  • We must leave everything the same, changing where it says Minimum level to 100% and click on Save.
  • Now we must draw a line with our finger from GO from Flow Beginnig to IN of Battery Level, in the general box of the app, as you can see in the following photograph.
  • Click again on the blue button with the + symbol and choose within camera&sound the option speak.
  • When it is in the general, click on it and put the text that we want it to say in the section Message.
  • You also have to change the language to Spanish – Spain) where does it say language and then choose Google voice services where does it say Engine.
  • Click on Save and we will return to the main menu.
  • Now we join with the finger AND IT IS of Whern battery level with IN from Speak.
  • It’s time to click on the back button, an arrow to the left side at the top left of the whole.
  • If you click where it says Untitled you can put the one you want.
  • Just need to click on Start for everything to work.
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We can now exit Automate, since it stays in the background monitoring that when the battery is full when we charge the phone and it is 100%, it will indicate it to us by voice.

What we have told you today are two ways to notify us of certain actions that will be very useful to us and all using our Android smartphone.

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