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How to modify a declaration already filed

It may be that once we have submitted the tax return, we observe an anomaly or that something happened to us and it is not correct. We should not get upset because we can modify it to get everything correct. We tell you how.

If you have already approved the draft that you have been sent by the Tax Agency, but you realize that it contains errors or omissions to data that should appear, such as some income that you have not declared, amounts with an amount greater than the due or you forgot about a reduction to which you were entitled, you may be able to rectify it.

You already know that all those people who have companies or self-employed have to make the declaration in a mandatory way, in addition to the individuals who have received more than 22,000 euros in the 12 months above and that everything comes from a single payer.

In the case of having more than one payerif the digit of the sum of all the income exceeds 12,643 euros per yearthe income statement must also be made.

Submit the declaration: where and when

As of last April 6 and Until June 30th can present the online statementusing the Tax Agency website or the Android mobile application.

Said presentation or if you want to see the draft to later confirm that it is correct, it requires that you have a digital certificate or electronic DNI, [email protected] PIN or reference number.

You can also choose to communicate by phone, a service that comes into operation from May 5 and with which you can file the tax return. These numbers are:

  • 901 12 12 24
  • 91 535 73 26
  • 901 22 33 44
  • 91 553 00 71
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Appointments will be 15 minutes from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The last modality that we have at our disposal is the face-to-face which can be done from July 1 at the offices of the Tax Agency, as long as we have an appointment,

farm income

Key points that you should review before confirming the draft of Income 2021/22, according to the OCU

Modify a declaration already filed

As we have already mentioned before, once we have submitted a tax return and we see errors, failures or missing data, we will be able to modify it.

To do this, you must request the rectification of your self-assessment by accessing your Income file again and marking the box 127 of rectification request.

In this way, the self-assessment rectification procedure is initiated, either because the amount is higher than we should or because it is less than what we estimate. This option can also be used if we need to report data that does not affect the result of the statement.

If we have already received the income and we have more than what we should or less than what corresponds to us, we will be obliged to regularize it, so we must present a supplementary statement to the one originally submitted through Renta WEB.

To achieve this we must perform the following steps:

  • We access the 2021 Income Campaign of the Tax Agency.
  • Now we can choose Draft / tax return processing service (Renta WEB) either Modification of a tax return already filed.
  • In the next window, access requires identification with a digital signature (certificate or electronic DNI), [email protected] PIN system or with the Renta reference number.
  • Once we have identified ourselves, it is time for us to select whether to act on our behalf or as the representative of someone else.
  • Now we must check that our declaration is presented. For this we see if Processing Status the message appears Your return is being processed and in History of the File we have the Recording of the statement.
  • At that moment we must click on Modify declarationoption that is inside Available services.
  • Next, a window will be displayed to continue with the last saved work session, modify the filed tax return or generate a new tax return. Next, we press Modify filed tax return.
  • We go to the declaration that we want to modify, so that later a window appears where we can choose if it is a Supplementary statement or one Self-assessment rectification.
  • The Rectification of the self-assessment may be carried out if the Tax Administration has not carried out a definitive or provisional liquidation for the same reason, in addition to the fact that the period of four years has not elapsed since the day following the end of the presentation period.
  • As the normal thing is that we present a complementary Declaration, what we must do is check box 107 or the alternative to indicate the reason for which we presented the complementary declaration.
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After providing all this information, it is advisable to work on the submitted tax return, since the new one will include, in addition to the data reflected in the original self-assessment, the new or modified ones.

If we want to continue completing the declaration, we can do so by accessing sections or go browsing one by one and check that everything is fine.

When all the errors or missing information are up to date and totally correct, we can verify the changes from Summary of declarations and so also check the result of the statement.

We can check the data using the button Validate and confirm if the declaration is correctly completed.

The last thing we need to do is click on Submit declaration so that the procedure ends.

The moment we access everything that is our file again, we should see the declaration presented in the first instance and the rectification that we have subsequently created.

As you have been able to read, we can always fix the problem of having submitted a statement that did not correspond to reality, either for our benefit or against ourselves.

It is a power that the Tax Agency allows us and with which we demonstrate that there was no bad faith in the lack of information and data of the presentation of the first income statement that we made. That is why we make a complementary one, with the purpose of amending all the mistakes we could have made.

Knowing that this possibility exists can save more than one from a heavy fine for some type of mistake or even for ignorance, in the first instance, of having to declare something. We already know that ignoring an obligation does not exempt from compliance with it.

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