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How to obtain a Covid Digital Certificate to travel through the different regions of Spain

Covid digital certificates are designed to facilitate travel across the EU; however, they are not required for travel.

The document contains a QR code specific to you that airport staff can easily scan and verify that you meet travel security requirements. It will include information such as whether or not you have been vaccinated, if you have been vaccinated and now recovered from Covid-19, or have a recent negative Covid test.

In general, they are designed to save you time and effort while traveling in EU / Schengen Zone countries. From the EU’s perspective, it is a way to avoid quarantine and other restrictions for travelers in its member states.

They are not the same as the vaccination certificates issued by the autonomous communities of Spain, which are primarily for informational purposes.

The secretary general of Digital Health, Alfredo González, said that the objective of the certificate is to “facilitate movement” between EU countries, however it is still possible to travel without one.

So if you plan to travel this summer, here is how you can apply for a certificate in your region. Keep in mind that not all regions of Spain have the Covid digital certificate system yet, so we will only mention those that do. If your region is not mentioned, please check back here at a later date to see if your region has implemented the system or not.


According to the Andalusian regional premier, Juan Manuel Moreno, those over 65 will receive a physical copy delivered to their home, because “they are not used to digital methods.” The rest of the fully vaccinated population may request it through the Andalusian health service website or app.

The certificate is available, regardless of the type of medical care you have, public or private through the online portal ClickHealth + and the application Salud Andalusia. To download it, you must identify yourself in the portal or application with your TIE number / NIE number, [email protected] or digital certificate. The certificate is available in the ‘Health‘, in “COVID-19 Certificates” online and through the home screen of the application.

Once in this section, you can access the corresponding certificate, as well as that of your social security beneficiaries under 16 years of age.


About him Health Informs web, those from Aragon will be able to obtain the new Covid digital certificate by clicking on ‘Digital certificate‘in the left corner of the screen. To log in you will need your health card number, your identification number or digital certificate /[email protected] and your health PIN. Once completed with the data, a PDF file will be downloaded with the data and the QR code you need. Those who want the physical certificate can visit their local health centers.

Basque Country

Those from the Basque Country can download the certificate from their Osakidetza health folder. It is scheduled to go live this week. To access it, you will need your digital certificate or be registered in the BakQ electronic identification system.

Canary Islands

To obtain the certificate if you live in the Canary Islands you can go through the ‘my story ‘ portal, which is also available as mobile app for Android and iOS. You can download it with a digital certificate or with your ID from the Canary Islands Health Service.

Castile and Leon

Download SACYL Connect android app Y ios to obtain your certificate in Castilla y León. You will need the usual digital certificate or the [email protected] system to access it.


Those from Catalonia can obtain their certificates through the ‘My health’ portal or from the ‘My health’ app. From any of these you can download one of the three types of certificates, although at the moment it is not available for all.


Extremadurans can visit the Extremadura health portal. In the slider on the home page, you will see information about the Covid digital certificate. From here you can request a certificate of recovery, vaccination or proof. Currently, it is only available online and a digital certificate or PIN code is required. However, from the week of June 14 it can also be requested in person at health centers and hospitals.


In Galicia there are different options on where to obtain your certificate. You can do this at the vaccination centers after you receive your injection or online from the application. To request the certificate you will need to access the Chave365 system Y ‘My medical history‘.


To request the certificate in the Community of Madrid you will have to go through the Health card app. However, if the option is not yet activated in your application, you can call the number 900 102 112 to ask or go to your local health center and directly request a QR code to enter it in the application.


To request the certificate in Murcia, you will have to access the electronic headquarters. If this does not work for you, you can also request it in person at the Public Health delegations of Lorca and Cartagena.


Those from Navarra can download the digital certificate through the Personal Health Binder website or his mobile apps. At the moment it is only available electronically and you need your digital certificate, PIN code or health card number to access it. The Navarrese health authorities hope to be able to make it available in person at local health centers shortly.

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The Covid Digital Certificate is available to residents of Spain, regardless of their nationality.

These health passes are mainly intended for travel, while the vaccination certificates offered by the regions of Spain are mainly for informational purposes.


Region by region: How to obtain a Covid-19 vaccination certificate in Spain

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