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How to Post a GIF on Instagram

GIFs have become very popular in recent years and that is why it can be interesting to know how we can put one on our Instagram so that it looks different and original.

The uses of GIFs can be various, from representing what we want to say on social networks, to emphasizing a phrase that we have sent through a messaging app, even going through a joke.

But they can also be used on Instagram, even if it doesn’t seem like it can be done at first.

You can’t really upload a normal looping GIF to your account, as these are an unsupported image file type. However, the videos are, so we can use apps to convert them and so they are worth it or launch from applications that allow it from the beginning

We are going to tell you how you can carry out this action on the Facebook social network, offering you several alternatives so that you can achieve it, all of them very simple.


Obviously, the first thing we should do before getting into the matter is download GIPHY from the Google Play Store for both Android and iOS.

From here we must perform the following steps:

  • Open the app, click on Begin and we create a user account.
  • From the home screen, tap the magnifying glass button on the bottom toolbar to open Look for.
  • Next, we type the keyword for the GIF you want.
  • Next, we press the search button.
  • We choose the GIF that we like and then we must push the button that looks like a paper plane to open the sharing options.
  • In the pop-up window we are going to press the instagram button.
  • Now the different options that we have to publish will appear.
  • By clicking on feed, we can enter our Instagram account, so we can have the option to trim and edit the video if we want.
  • Now we press the blue arrow in the upper right corner to continue until we reach the window where we can write the footer of the video.
  • Once all the typical options that this screen leaves us have been written and marked, click on the blue click from the top right and voila.
  • We already have our video GIF posted on Instagram.
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convert to video

As we have already told you before, really publishing a GIF in our feed is not possible, so, as we have seen with GIPHY, what you have to do is convert it into a video before publishing it.

If we want to carry out this process manually, then we will have to download an app called GIF to Video from the Google Play Store.

  • Once we have it downloaded and installed on the phone, we go to configuration and we grant permissions to the GIF to Video app for Files & Media
  • We open the GIF to Video application.
  • At the bottom we see how there are four options such as: Local, GIPHY, Tenor and Reddit.
  • We select that option in which we have the GIF that we want to put on Instagram, that is, the place where is the gif saved.
  • Once we have marked the GIF from the tile list, we click on Turn into.
  • The process should be very quick, since GIFs are usually very light.
  • When it finishes converting it, we must press the share button that look like three dots connected by a line, similar to a triangle.
  • From this sharing menu, we click on feed to upload the modified GIF to an Instagram post.
  • This will make the program will redirect us to our Instagram account.
  • Once inside, we already know that we can cut the video or edit it as we see fit before finally posting it on our feed.
  • We press the blue arrow in the upper right corner to continue.
  • So what we will do is write the footer of the publication, and then permanently post the video on our Instagram feed.
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GIFs in Instagram Stories

There is a way to add GIF to any of the stories we make on Instagram, without having to convert it to video, in addition to keeping the element as it is.

This trick is achieved thanks to Gboard, the Google keyboard. If you don’t have it installed, you can always do it both in Android terminals from the Google Play Store and in those that are iPhone from the App Store.

Once installed, we must be clear that this Google keyboard is the one that we have configured as default, since otherwise what we are going to tell you will not work and will be a small disappointment.

  • That said, you have to open instagram.
  • Once inside, the first thing we must do is add a story on instagram.
  • We already know how it’s done, swipe from the left or tap on our Story continuously to put a new one,
  • Now we take a photo with the Instagram camera or select one that is already in our gallery, that we have taken before or downloaded from the network, that is already to the taste of each one.
  • We press the aa button (it is located in the upper right corner) or we touch any part of the screen so that in this way we start writing thanks to Gboard, a keyboard that we have previously installed if we did not already have it.
  • At this moment we touch the Emoji button that is next to the space bar and select GIF from all the possibilities that are presented to us in the lower toolbar.
  • We must search for the GIF that we want, knowing that we have the option Search GIF among the options that are presented to us.
  • Finally, we tap on the GIF we want and it will be integrated into the story we just created on Instagram, so that everyone can enjoy it.
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These are the ways that we have right now to integrate a GIF within the Instagram social network, hoping that in a short time they will incorporate the function so that we can insert this type of file natively without having to resort to any type of third-party app .

If you want to tell us which of all the ways we have told you has been easier for you, we will be happy to hear from you through our social networks.

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