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How to prepare a gourmet coffee without leaving home

Instant coffee is useful if we are short of time, but it can become boring for some people, according to Stylist. This being the case, it is worth learning how to prepare more elaborate coffees That we can drink when we’re in the mood for it

There are some aspects that we must consider if we want to know how to prepare a “gourmet” coffee without leaving home, such as the type of coffee we want to consume, the beans to select, the instruments to use, and other elements that are part of the equation.

What kind of coffee do you want for yourself?

First of all, you must define what type of coffee you want to learn about its home-brewing process. As you know, each type has a different background and requires a specialized preparation to have the correct flavor.

Here is very important know your limitations and know what you can and cannot do with the tools and ingredients you have on hand. This will prevent you from wasting time trying recipes over and over again beyond your current skills or tools.

Choosing your coffee beans

The selection of coffee beans has a lot to do with the final result, heavily roasted beans will result in a coffee with a slightly burnt flavor, while mild beans will result in a less strong tasting beverage.

Coffee beans
The choice of the coffee bean is one of the fundamental steps. Source: Pixabay

Know the details of the coffee suppliers It will offer you a better perspective of the grains, facilitating the selection process by knowing what each one can offer you regarding their product.

You should pay attention to practices of each supplier regarding how they prepare coffee beans, and also the sites where they are extracted to get an idea of ​​the characteristics of their grains before purchasing them in the store.

Coffee preparation method

Naturally, the method of preparing the coffee plays an important role in the drink you have at the end of the process, being one of the most relevant points and that you must address with more care.

You could make use of a conventional coffee maker if you trust the coffee beans you have chosen and that they will not lose their properties with the coffee maker. It is not a very common way, but you can receive interesting results through it.

Strain the coffee into a cup It is another alternative that you have at your disposal, but this requires that you grind the beans as much as possible to pour water over them and prepare the coffee as such. This method can lead to a strong black coffee.

Your results will improve as time goes by since you will have greater dexterity and ability during each phase of the elaboration of the café. After all, practice really makes perfect.

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