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How to prepare our skin for the autumn that is beginning?

How to prepare our skin for the autumn that is beginning?

How to prepare our skin for the autumn that is beginning?

Summer just ended and our skin has suffered the attacks typical of this season such as excessive sun exposure, chlorine or saltpeter almost daily, lack of adequate protection, dehydration …

This year, moreover, it has once again been atypical. Not as much as in the past, that we face the heat after months locked up, but still with many quirks. For example, the use of masks, the negative impact that the light from computers and screens have on our skin and, in some cases, the abandonment of daily skin care routines during the pandemic, it is most likely that our skin will not be found. in the best of states.

That is why it is important to prepare now for the arrival of the climatological autumn. Because although the season has already begun, what influences our skin is not the calendar but the temperatures, the rains …

And it is time to regain the good condition of the largest organ in our body: the skin.

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Solar protection

The first premise to follow is do not forget that the sun shines all year round, so the use of a sunscreen is still essential.

And although by the use of masks we might think that we are already avoiding the incidence of solar rays on our face, it is not like that. In the absence of conclusive studies on this aspect, dermatologists are in favor of using sun protection on the entire face.


The color that the sun baths provided to our body is disappearing, if it has not already done so, so it is time to perform an exfoliation to renew the skin. Horsehair gloves, rough sponges, or exfoliating gels can help remove the most superficial cell layers. Chemical procedures are another option that works in deeper layers.

Adequate hydration

An essential guideline, especially during these times of pandemic, is adequate hydration, daily and adapted to each skin type. The Healthy Skin Foundation recommends hydration of the whole body, but this year it especially remembers the importance of the face and hands.

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Skin protector

In some cases, the use of masks and other safety elements against the coronavirus, such as glasses or protective screens, can cause friction or irritation on the face. In these cases, it is best to reinforce the hydration of these areas and also use a skin protector.

And what moisturizer to use? Well, the most indicated are those that include certain active ingredients, such as retinol or vitamin C, since they will help us to stop the photoaging of the skin.

On the other hand, we have surely already begun to perceive the consequences that the continued use of hydroalcoholic gels and disinfectants has on our hands. Again, hydration is the key to combat the desiccation produced by these products and to avoid the appearance of an uncomfortable dermatitis.

Stain removal… and review

We can also take advantage of the arrival of autumn, when our tan is disappearing, to perform medical treatments aimed at removing skin blemishes, such as lasers. And if what we want is to stop the aging of our skin, this season of the year is ideal for a deep exfoliation of the skin through a peeling.

Of course, whenever we opt for any of these techniques, the best thing is that let’s put ourselves in the hands of a dermatology specialist, which will indicate the most suitable for each type of skin.

And finally, something that we should all do periodically given its great importance to our health. Let’s take a look at the spots and moles that we have spread over the surface of the skin. Before any change in shape or size that is suspicious, we must go to the dermatologist to review it.

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