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How to protect your knees when exercising

The knees support practically much of the weight of our body and that is why they are strong, but at the same time have the ability to flex so we can walk and run, squat and jump.

Due to the great effort we make, especially when we do physical activities, our knees can suffer, to the point of suffering serious injuries. Therefore, as he points out Vitonic, it is important to strengthen the muscles that support your knee.

Don’t just focus on your knees

Many times when we talk about exercises to strengthen the knee We always think that we must work on the joint itself, when the reality is that it is not always necessary to do so.

In these cases, what would happen is that the problem could get worse. So instead of focusing on exercising this joint, you should think about the muscles and other joints that are part of the lower extremities, such as the ankles and feet.

Exercise your feet

One way to protect your knees is to exercise your feet. You should focus on improve finger mobility, in stretching the soles of the feet and strengthening the foot core.

These exercises are easy to do. It is best to walk barefoot, stand on tiptoe, and tiptoe. Another very useful exercise is use a ball and roll it with the sole of the foot. This exercise will help you relax the muscles that are in this area.

It is recommended to perform exercises that help you strengthen your knees. Source: Pixabay

Move your ankles

The ankles are moving parts, so to speak, while the knees are stable. A) Yes, the ankles help the knees not strain more than necessary. But, if this is not the case, then it will be the knees that play the role of the ankles.

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So that this does not happen, a simple exercise is to stretch one of the legs and bend them, as if you were to take a stride. Once in this position, shift all your weight forward, forcing the movement. You should not lift your heel.

Exercises to release tension from the knees

In addition to mobility of the ankle, the knee also depends on how tight the muscles around it are and they are in it. If the calves are very tense, they will pull the knee down.

But if the quads are too stiff, then the tightness will be felt upward. This could cause pain. That is why you have to find a way to relax these muscles.

A suitable exercise for this is the following: sit on the floor and put your legs on a foam roller. This will serve as a kind of massager that will help to relax the muscles and make them relax.

You must put one leg on the foam roller, and leaning on your arms and the foot that is free, you must rise a little and begin to move from back to front, in such a way that the whole leg can be displaced.

If you think it is necessary, the help of a physical therapist will be helpful, especially if you are a person who is dedicated to sports activity.

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