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How to quit smoking 🚬 The 6 techniques to quit tobacco that work the most

Give up smoking It has to have one goal: to improve health. And to abandon the tobacco and leave behind the smoking the smoker must be fully convinced that the nicotine it has to disappear from your body. And more if we talk about avoiding diseases as important as lung cancer, turning off a cigarette it is vital.

What is the best way to quit smoking? There are several techniques and tips that can be carried out, although the first and most important of all is the desire. The task ahead of the smoker is not easy. You may suffer symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, drowsiness, increased appetite or irritability, but anyone can overcome it.

Once convinced, the smoker can follow advice such as the following:

Tell family and friends

The people around the smoker are essential for him to achieve his goal. It is very important that supportive family, friends, and coworkers. They have to help you in difficult times, but following your previous advice. You cannot expect others to know what to do.

Make new plans

Stop smoking | Quitting coffee if a relationship with tobacco has been established

The smoker should think about what he will do at those times when he was most likely to smoke. Maybe it is convenient to change habits that before accompanied with a cigarette. For example, if you always smoke while drinking coffee, you will have to stop drinking coffee or replace it with another drink.

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Another idea is to substitute candy, for example, those places where you usually had cigarettes, such as the car. You must also think about what to have in your hands and in your mind how much he usually thought and had a cigarette. Find a hobby it’s a good option.

Change lifestyle

It is convenient to change habits such as the times you eat, the places you sit or start exercising. Also, having some healthy food or a straw in your mouth instead of a cigarette can be a good habit in the first few days.

Withdraw things related to tobacco

Stop smoking | It is important to remove objects related to tobacco

It is essential to remove everything that has to do with tobacco from sight. Ashtrays and lighters must be stored and have them as collected as possible so that they are not seen. Of course, we must throw away the packs of tobacco that we still have.

Set dates and goals

It is essential to establish a short-term concrete date to leave it -about two weeks- and not to resign if it falls into a punctual error once the date has passed. Should serve us as experience and analyze what has happened to relapse, in order not to relapse.

What you should never do is smoke a cigarette because we think it will not affect us. It must be clear that to achieve the objective abstinence must be total.

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Nor should we think about the days ahead and can be rewarded if successes are achieved. For example, you can set aside the money you would spend if you continued smoking and thereby buy yourself a treat.

Sign up for programs

Stop smoking | Quitting tobacco helps prevent diseases like cancer

Health centers offer programs to sign up to quit smoking. They advise on medications and products to consume for end the addiction to nicotine, such as the familiar patches, chewing gums or sprays. In addition, there are other prescription drugs that help with withdrawal.


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