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How to quit smoking | Five tricks to quit tobacco

Stop smoking |  Five tricks to quit tobacco

Stop smoking | Five tricks to quit tobacco

We know that quitting smoking is not easy. Putting out a cigarette and not lighting it again is difficult for many people who struggle every day to overcome their Addiction to tobacco. Nicotine is highly addictive and smoking is a addiction difficult to overcome and that is closely related to diseases such as cancer.

That is why here are some tips to quit and that the smoke of a cigarette will not be a headache for you again.

Change your habits

Break the routine that you wore when you were a smoker can help you not remember tobacco anymore. You can, for example, choose another way to get to work or sit in a different chair where you smoked after you finish eating. The key is to keep your mind off tobacco and stop making the cigarette the star of your life.

Lead a healthy life

Many people fear gaining weight when give up smoking. The anxiety caused by quitting nicotine causes you to eat a lot more. Therefore, it is key aim to lead a healthier life. It is not necessary that you go on a diet, but it is convenient that you choose a healthier diet. Leaving bad habits such as abusive alcohol consumption and sedentary lifestyle behind will help you a lot in your purpose. Sport is the best ally to win the battle against tobacco.

Make your intention public before leaving

Tell everyone that you are going to quit smoking. It is a way of committing to yourself and to others. Their support will help you in the low moments. Also, the more times you repeat it, the more you will believe it. Never listen to those who do not trust that this time, like many others, you will not get it. It is proven that to quit smoking permanently first it has to be tried several times. The more times you try, the better you will know your weak points and the more tools you will have to combat them.

Wait 10 minutes if you feel like smoking

You have not smoked for several days and you are about to light a cigarette. Breathe and wait about 10 minutes to smoke it. Use that time to get away from temptation. In the meantime, drink a glass of water and take a little walk that allows you to think clearly whether or not you really want to smoke that cigar. Surely if you think about it you can do without it. Those little battles are what will make you win the war against tobacco.

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Save your tobacco money and treat yourself

Buy a piggy bank and put in it the money that you used to spend on tobacco. You can use it to treat yourself like a trip. But if you need to see the results of what you save in a shorter period of time to motivate yourself, you can make yourself a cheaper self-gift weekly, such as a dinner, an afternoon at a spa or some clothes.

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