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How to react to an emergency delivery

Births are complicated processes and you have to know how to react when we have to attend to one urgently.

It can happen that we do not have time to get to the hospital, either because we are in a very remote area or because everything happens too fast. On those occasions, you have to know how to react, and that is why you must know the steps you must follow in case of an emergency of this type.

During contractions

First, the pregnant woman will be very nervous, and the fact of not having specialized help can increase the state of nervousness. For this reason, the first thing to do is try to calm her down and encourage her to breathe calmly and with her mouth open.

The time of delivery is a very stressful time for some women, so it is recommended that they be accompanied. Source: Pixabay

Then you have to take her to a place where she is comfortable. Whether it’s on a bed or on the floor, but you always have to make sure everything is clean. In the case of accommodating it on the floor, it must be covered with clean blankets.

The pregnant woman should lie on her back and have her knees bent and her legs should be apart. According to Webconsultas, this position will help to see the dilation of the genitals and thus it will be possible to know when the process of part.

What to do if medical help does not arrive

In the event that medical help does not arrive, you must take precautions and follow the following instructions to attend the delivery.

During this phase the mother should feel safe, and it will be our attitude that gives you that security. When the contractions start, encourage her to push. To be effective, we must encourage her not to yell or speak, so the push will be more effective.

You must rest between contractions for you to recover. As the labor, the first thing that should come out is the head. When this happens, you have to put a hand on his head and press very gently.

The baby’s head should come out thanks to the contractions, we should not force it. When having the head out, we must check that the umbilical cord is not around the neck. If you have it, you have to unroll it gently and pass it over the baby’s head.

Ending the delivery

Afterwards, the rest is produced quickly and without the need for much help. Keep supporting the baby’s head while the rest of the body comes out.

The little one will be covered in fluids, so there hold it firmly, but at the same time gently.

Newborn baby
It is important that the baby feels the warmth of his mother at the moment of birth. Source: Shutterstock

In case the baby is breech, there is no reason to be alarmed. You just have to hold it and let the rest of the body come out. No pulling to avoid injury.

When he’s outside, we have to give the baby to his mother. It is important that they receive maternal warmth, as they lose a lot of heat at birth. His body temperature is regulated by his mother.

The baby’s mouth and nose must be cleaned so that the baby can expel the fluid that is in his lungs. Do not hit him on the back. Rather, it is enough to have him face down and gently massage his back.

It is important to know what to do in case of a emergency delivery because you never know if we will have the ideal conditions to attend a medical center in time.

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