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How to Recap a Champagne Bottle for Long-Lasting Bubbles and Drink Later

For all bubble lovers, we bring three different budget methods to better preserve champagne and sparkling wines.

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During these days of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, it is very normal that at some point we all uncover a bottle of champagne or some sparkling wine to toast and prepare some homemade cocktails. However, on many occasions we end up not occupying the entire bottle and it is a real shame to waste these succulent bubbles. The good news is that today we come with a Magic and infallible trick that will be of great help to recap the champagne (and any sparkling) and store it for days. The reality is that it is magical for several reasons, the first and most important being that it has to do with making the most of these sophisticated products. And secondly, it is always good to have tips from home that make life easier for us. So, if you are a lover of enjoying this type of drink, these tips will change your life: The best of all is that you can apply them all year round and you will have lasting bubbles forever.

How to recap champagne and sparkling wines for long-lasting bubbles:

Champagne and sparkling wines They are one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages at the end of the year celebrations, but they are also the star of many festivities throughout the year. And it is that they lend themselves to enjoy hot summer days and in the specific case of sparkling wines. they are the perfect base and bubbly touch to prepare delicious preparations like the famous Aperol Spritz and other delicious summer drinks. In addition, the rest of the year many people tend to have a bottle of sparkling wine on hand at home to consume throughout the week with dinner or to shake off a bad day.

But the main problem is that champagne and sparkling wine: they are effervescent and bubbly productsIt is no secret to say that it is its main characteristic. Therefore, once uncorked, they tend to deflate and we end up wasting it. Today we bring you two methods that will be of great help to properly store and store champagne, at the same time as protect your millions of delicate bubbles.

1. The spoon method

For many it might sound ridiculous at first, but somehow it works place a spoon inside the bottle. It is known to work best with a silver spoon, although many people have found that it can be done with an old stainless steel spoon. That does avoid plastic spoons. The handle doesn’t need to touch the liquid or anything. You simply have to place the spoon inside the bottle in such a way that the handle is inside, refrigerate and try to consume the sparkling wine in the next few days. Although, in some cases it may not work 100% of the time: the reality is that it is a great tip for those who use to drink sparkling wine regularly and who usually finish with the bottle in a maximum of 3 consecutive days after opening it. So now you know, the next time you hesitate to open a bottle of sparkling wine, do not hesitate! Pour yourself a glass and apply the spoon method to save the rest, without a doubt it is a trick worth celebrating.

2. Coravin wine preservation system

For all those lovers of home and kitchen gadgets, without a doubt the Sparkling Wine Conservation System: Coravin Sparkling will come to the rescue. Of course, it is a much more civilized, striking, modern and expensive artifact ($ 399) but considering that there are always people for everything, it is worth knowing more about this wonderful invention. It is a great gift for wine lovers and a much more evolved method than the silver spoon. And the reality is that it works quite well: The Coravin Wine Preservation System allows you to serve a glass of wine without removing the cork. This means that the wine inside the bottle never spoils because it is never exposed to oxygen. It’s a great device if you want to have a glass of wine but don’t plan to finish the bottle in 4 days max.

The best news? The brand has just launched a new version that opens a bottle of sparkling wine, prosecco or champagne and ensures that it will remain bubbly for up to four weeks. Yes! You read that right, not four hours, not four days, we are talking about a month! The system includes three pieces: a sparkling charger, sparkling plugs, and sparkling CO2 capsules. To use it, all you need to do is: open a bottle of champagne and uncork it as you always would. Fill a coupe or flute glass with as many bubbles as you like. That’s when the magic happens: place one of the caps on the open bottle and secure it against the bottom of the bottle, “charge” the cap with the shiny charger, which will ensure that there is enough carbon dioxide inside the bottle. And it proceeds to refrigerate the champagne bottle for up to 4 weeks, the hermetic cork prevents the bubbles from being lost.

3. Inexpensive champagne stopper

Let’s be honest, the Coravin system sounds wonderful, but not all of us have the budget or the interest to purchase a $ 399 device. For those of you wanting a more stable alternative to the silver spoon, we have good news as there are plenty of plug options under $ 20 that do a very good job of preserving bubbles for a couple of days. We leave you a great option, which has positioned itself as Amazon’s bestseller, with high ratings from critics.

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