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How to Record Whatsapp Calls Without Using Additional Apps

Recording calls can be very useful, whether at a professional level -journalists, lawyers, psychologists- or privately: when something is contracted by phone (a mobile phone contract, for example).

However, it must be taken into account that record a conversation It can be a crime against privacy if the audio is subsequently used without the other person’s permission and personal matters are revealed in it. Recording a call is legal if you participate in it, according to the Constitutional Court. The problem comes with what is done afterwards and its purpose. Be very careful about sharing it publicly or uploading it to a social network with bad intentions because the consequences can be serious.

Right to privacy

Article 197 of Organic Law 10/1995 of November 23 states that “any person who, in order to discover secrets or violate the privacy of another without their consent appropriates “their papers, letters, e-mail messages or any other documents or personal effects, intercepts their telecommunications or uses technical devices for listening, transmission, recording or reproduction of sound or image, or any other communication signal”. Also, you can be violating the right to privacythe right to secrecy of communications and even the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

Secondly, recording a call with the aim of using it for a lawsuit is legal. However, it will only be admitted as evidence if it does not deal with aspects that refer to the intimate life of the person who is recorded and the person recording the conversation is an interlocutor in it. If it is recorded by a third party, it can have serious penalties.

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Easier with Android

Taking these premises into account, we show you how to record conversations from WhatsApp. If you have an Android system, it’s easier and you just have to put the speaker on while the call is being made and then access the smartphone’s voice notes option and start recording. It must be taken into account that the mobile phones with very old versions of Android they don’t have this option. It is also possible by downloading free applications from Google Play, such as Call Recorder.

On iPhone, the only way to do this is through additional apps or by connecting to your Mac with a cable, turning on quick time and, once there, selecting ‘File’ and ‘New audio recording’. Keep in mind that it has to be done before the call, because iOS does not allow you to use other applications while on a call.

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Next to the record button on the Mac, open the options on the little arrow pointing down and select your iPhone. There, the ‘Record’ button is pressed in Quicktime.

You can now make the WhatsApp call with the iPhone and press the add user icon, selecting the contact with whom you are going to make the call.

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