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How to Recreate the Latest Beauty Trends with Cosmetology

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Learning is a continuous process, especially in the beauty industry. Dedication and practice are ideal ways to keep up with the latest trends. For instance, keep up with the cosmetic industry’s new techniques, products, and technologies.

As a beauty enthusiast, recreating a new trend from social media or a magazine will help improve your skillset. Here are some of the latest beauty trends and how to recreate them with cosmetology.

Advance Training Classes

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Take advantage of any training programs. It should be the first step to keeping up with the latest trends. With the availability of the internet, you can leverage advanced classes offered online.

The good news is that you can make money out of beauty hacks skills. There is a specific niche for people who will pay premium charges to get their hair and nails done or enhance their skincare maintenance. For this to work, you have to be a certified cosmetologist first.

taking a free cosmetologist practice test makes the process easier and simpler. It will pave the way for you to be a certified cosmetologist. It’ll reduce the tension of facing the final test unprepared. Besides, you can conveniently go through the material in your free time and from anywhere.

Learn from Social Media Beauty Hacks Influencers

Beauty influencers and bloggers offer tips on the latest beauty trends. Beauty influencers and bloggers always capture the current fashion, and make-up people gravitate towards them. The best part is that they detail how to try out these current trends.

Websites and Magazines

Beauty websites and magazines are also an incredible resource for leveraging cosmetology to recreate current trends. For instance, websites like she contain everything from beauty to fashion and associated products. Also, magazines like Esquire, Women Health, etc., can provide many trending beauty hacks worth trying out.

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Television Shows

Another way of keeping with beauty trends is through TV shows. Several TV reality shows and feature stories are purely dedicated to beauty and trending hacks. For example, “American Beauty Star” and “Glow Up, British Next Make-Up Star” capture current beauty trends rocked by ordinary people and celebrities.

TV shows have many trending beauty hacks, whether it’s reality shows, full feature stories, or short segments between commercials. Besides, the media industry has some top make-up artists and fashion gurus you can learn from.

Latest Beauty Trends for 2022

Some of these beauty trends are primarily influenced by celebs, and ordinary people commonly practice others. Here are some of the beauty trends:

Recreating Hairstyling Trends

Classic Bob

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Selena Gomez set the stage rolling with this trendy short hairstyle. she rocked a crisp classic chin-length style covering her cheeks gracefully. Other stylists are going for the sliced ​​bob (a slightly longer version of Gomez’s classic style).

You can recreate this style by marking your hair length and cutting it using shears. Afterward, straighten and angle your hair. You can also add other products for glow etc.

Next Level Ponytail

It calls for little extra effort to eliminate messy ponies. The result is sleek, next-level ponytails variants notably rocked by Jennifer Lopez. Not to forget, Kim Kardashian is also in this too.

For a perfect hack, you’ll need hairspray and a toothbrush to treat those flyaway spots gently.

Intricate Cornrows

The trending cornrows aren’t your regular braids, but detailed and artistic ones. Rihanna stirred up such a craze after adorning one back in 2021. You can look forward to intricate cornrows with different shapes and styles.

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Recreating artistic cornrows requires a gifted and skilled hand.

Recreating Nail Trends

Press On Nails

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During the pandemic, press on nails rose as a preference, making a significant comeback. Nail artists customize them before sending them to their clients. Besides, you can easily change its style and shade.

It’s a simple DIY, hence easy to recreate.

Multi Colored Nails

It involves each fingernail having a different color. They are mainly used for bold statements and directing attention to your hands and fingers.

You can recreate multi-colored nails by keeping a similar color family tone for an ombre effect. Also, a color wheel may be necessary for selecting complementary shades.

Recreating Skin Care Trends

Minimalist Skin Care routine

Millennials and Gen Z are opting for less tedious and cruel skincare routines. Natural options are the best, with coffee and vitamin C serum scrubs being some of the top trends.

Recreating skincare trends requires consistency besides observing daytime and night applications. Also, skin type and existing skin allergy must be considered for optimum results.

Other beauty trends include:

  • Reverse Eye Cat: A sexy and alluring fox eye-look achievable by eyeliners. You can recreate it by priming your eye line and avoiding smudges by curling the lashes. Afterward, sharpen your eye edges.
  • Glitter Lids: The easiest way to draw attention to your eyes with little effort. You can choose between smaller and bolder looks depending on your preference and confidence. Recreating it only needs a glitter eye shadow (liquid) and a perfect primer.

There are numerous trendy beauty hacks that you can do by yourself. But, recreating the same should be done safely.

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Cosmetology is both an art and science of making nails, hair, and skin beautiful. The art side allows you to showcase your artistry. But, the science part enables you to perfect it safely.

For example, you may quickly learn how to take care of wavy hair online. After online and practical learning, you can easily take care of other less complex hairstyle designs.

But, providing complex skincare services as an esthetician needs high safety assurance. The only way to turn your hobby into a revenue stream is by being a certified cosmetologist.

take away

Recreating some of the trending beauty hacks can earn you money. You won’t feel like you’re working because it’s a product of your passion and hobby. But you’ll need to be a certified cosmetologist to earn from your passion.

Taking this article as guidance will help you recreate the latest beauty trends. Go ahead, and make money out of what you love.


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