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How to remove bad odors from your car: tips and tricks

How to remove bad odors from your car: tips and tricks

How to remove bad odors from your car: tips and tricks

The amount of hours we spend in the car has its consequences. And it is that in all that time, the vehicle it is deteriorating both outside and inside. Focusing on the inside of the car, with the passage of time, the passenger compartment usually accumulates, generally, remains of food, empty bottles, wrappers, forgotten objects, mud, grass, etc … Also, in the case of traveling with the little ones Around the house, the accumulation of toys, papers or colored pencils can be endless. All these elements make the car quickly lose its new smell and go acquiring different fragrances, in some cases, somewhat unpleasant.

Therefore, to eliminate bad odors from the interior of the car it is essentialcarry out a good cleaning of the same. Next, we give you a series of tips for removing unpleasant odors from the passenger compartment and thus enjoy a better environment.

Order and cleanliness

If you notice a strange smell in the car, the first thing you should do is get rid of all those objects and debris that roam inside your vehicle. It is essential that you throw away all those papers, plastics and items that you do not use and that have lived in your car for a long time. In this way, you will avoid the unnecessary accumulation of certain residues and even bacteria.

With this simple advice you will quickly notice a greater feeling of cleanliness and, surely, the air that will be breathed on board the car will be different, much fresher.

Vacuum cleaner

After carrying out the previous removal of useless objects, the most appropriate thing is vacuum each and every corner of the vehicle well. From the dashboard, through the seats and floor mats, to the trunk. It is important that you spend considerable time vacuuming the entire cabin well in order to rid the vehicle of dust and other substances.


Bicarbonate is a very useful substance for cleaning upholstery, so if you notice bad odors in your vehicle you can use it without thinking twice. To do this, you must pour a certain amount of bicarbonate diluted in water and using a cloth or brush to clean gradually the upholstery of the car. You can also follow the advice we give you about how you should wash the car at home so that it fits you perfectly.


Finally, once you have finished cleaning the cabin, you can resort to air fresheners to give the car a fresher and more aromatic touch. Currently, there is a wide variety of air fresheners on the market with very different scents, so you can choose the one you like the most to give your vehicle a personal touch.

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