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How to remove blisters on the tongue with home remedies

Blisters on the tongue they are a real hassle. They can be a sign of an oral problem, or caused by burns or bites on the tongue. Nevertheless, It is possible to eliminate them with effective home remedies, such as the use of salt or ice.

Why and how blisters occur on the tongue

There are different types of blisters that usually appear on the tongue. One of them is canker sores. These appear as red dots under the tongue and can become ulcers. Its appearance is due to factors such as stress, hormonal changes or low defenses.

Lesions on the tongue can appear from burns, bites, fungi, hormonal changes, etc. Photo; Pixabay

The fungi also cause blisters. One of the most common is the Candida fungus that causes blisters known as candidiasis to form. Its appearance is due the use of some antibiotics or to dental appliances that did not fit properly.

Lesions on the tongue may also cause blisters. From biting to consuming too hot food or very hard are factors to appear. In fact, there are certain types of blisters, such as whiteheads that, although they do not cause discomfort, it is necessary to consult a doctor to avoid more serious health problems.

While it is true that when they appear very frequently it is necessary to go to the doctor, it is also possible to eliminate tongue blisters with simple home remedies.

Home remedies to remove blisters

To eliminate these discomforts from your mouth and tongue, you can use some things that you have at home. Ice is one of them. In addition to relieving pain, it also reduces inflammation. It is only necessary to put an ice cube on the blisters every so often to feel relief.

Salt can also relieve pain, especially if it is coarse salt. Salt helps fight bacteria and reduce infection. Some people swish salt, while others prefer to put it directly in the vial. It may burn a little, but then it will ease.

Bicarbonate practically works for everything, including the removal of blisters on the tongue. Sodium bicarbonate is an anti-inflammatory although it should be use with caution.

Turmeric has antiseptic properties, so it is helpful in reducing inflammation and pain. Aloe vera, for its part, has healing properties and helps eliminate the bacteria that cause blisters.

What else can be done

Consume foods rich in vitamin C and avoid foods that are too hot. On the other hand, it is important to maintain a good oral hygiene, change toothbrush from time to time and use mouthwash.

In case the blisters appear very frequently, or become complicated, it is necessary to go to the doctor to rule out any other condition that causes sores to form in the mouth or tongue.

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